Wealthica’s Financial Data Platform Now Tracks Over $25 Billion in Assets, Empowering Investors with Comprehensive Portfolio Management Tools

Wealthica offers aggregation technology to help investors optimize their financial data and prepare for tax season, with a goal of reaching $100 billion in tracked assets.

Wealthica, a leading Financial Data Platform in Canada, has announced that it now tracks over $25 billion worth of assets on its platform. From stocks and bonds to real estate and cryptocurrencies, Wealthica empowers investors with a comprehensive view of their financial holdings, offering a wide range of portfolio management tools and features.

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Optimizing Financial Data for Investors

With Wealthica’s aggregation technology, investors can leverage their data to generate income reports, adjust cost basis, and access other relevant information about their portfolio. As tax season approaches, Wealthica offers a suite of tools to help users prepare for tax filing, including accurate reporting of investment income from multiple institutions and capital gains.

In addition to tax preparation, Wealthica provides features to track finances, such as contributions to registered accounts, dividend and distribution income, and investment-related fees. This allows investors to have a holistic view of their net worth and holdings, enabling them to make informed choices while remaining efficient with taxes and fees.

A 360-Degree Dashboard for Retail Investors

With over 65,000 users and connections to over 250 traditional financial and cryptocurrency institutions, Wealthica offers a comprehensive view of holdings across multiple institutions on its dashboard. This 360-degree view allows retail investors to manage their portfolio efficiently and effectively.

The aggregation tool offered by Wealthica can be used for various purposes, including tracking investment performance, succession planning, and portfolio management. This empowers investors to have a clear understanding of their investments and make informed decisions to achieve their financial goals.

Insights from Wealthica’s General Manager

Billy Kawasaki, Wealthica’s General Manager, highlighted how investors are utilizing their financial data in meaningful ways through Wealthica’s tools. “Investors are accessing tools like the realized gains report, dividend power-up, and transaction export tools to prepare for taxes, track contributions, and plan their financial journey,” noted Kawasaki. “By gaining a holistic view of their net worth and holdings, Wealthica users can make informed choices while remaining efficient with taxes and fees.”

On the Path to $100 Billion in Tracked Assets

Wealthica’s success in tracking over $25 billion in assets is a significant milestone on its journey to reaching $100 billion. With its robust platform and comprehensive portfolio management tools, Wealthica continues to empower investors and financial advisors to optimize their financial data and make informed decisions.

Open an Account for Free

Wealthica offers a user-friendly platform, and users can open an account for free to start leveraging its aggregation technology and portfolio management tools. With its commitment to empowering investors, Wealthica aims to continue its growth trajectory and help investors achieve their financial goals.

About Wealthica

Wealthica Financial Technology Inc. is a privately-owned firm that specializes in empowering investors and financial advisors with a complete view of their financial data. Through its Wealthica dashboard app and Vezgo API, Wealthica serves more than 65,000 users and aggregates over $25 billion worth of assets, including crypto holdings, stocks and bonds, real estate, and more. Wealthica supports more than 250 financial institutions, including many cryptocurrency institutions, and is dedicated to helping investors optimize their financial data and achieve their financial goals.


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