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SpectroCoin is an online Bitcoin Exchange and Wallet provider with an extremely easy to use interface and great security. Based in London and with a full suite of accessibility options this wallet and exchange provider is set to be a top runner in the space. 

SpectroCoin Card allows users to pay via Bitcoin at any ATM or shop globally. Although users do incur fees at 1 EUR per month - the benefit of using it abroad can be quite significant. The card is available in dollars pounds and euros.

The Wallet and exchange can be accessed via Windows, Android or IoS apps and accounts can be topped up via SEPA Transfers immediately. 

The exchange looks to match orders internally although when liquidity is lacking they can access other exchanges pools to offer best pricing. 

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

SpectroCoin is a centralized, online web browser and smartphone supported Android, Windows and iOS wallet with low anonymity and extremely easy to use with a great user interface. It currently only supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigitalCash, and NEM. It also offers a card which can be used to shop via bitcoin at local stores and is available in dollars and euros. It has an exchange allowing users to convert their currencies and the accounts can be topped up by SEPA transfers. It also has the 2 Factor Authentication but lacks Hierarchical Deterministic, Multi-Signature and is not open source. The private keys are stored by a third party encrypted with users password.

User Review

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Investor09 april 2018, 11:01

The wallet could have been better if it provided more anonymity and security options. The best thing about it is the card it offers. I think there are better wallets to use, however I could use it as a back up option maybe for smaller transactions.

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