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Lisk Freewallet

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Ease of use



The Dogecoin Freewallet is an easy-to-use mobile wallet with a built in cryptocurrency exchange. Free Wallet provides cold storage security for your LSK funds and is available for Android devices through Google Play and for iOS in the Apple App Store.


• Login with Email, Facebook and Google +
• Top up Lisk wallet with almost any currency: USD, BTC, LTC, DOGE etc.
• Built-in exchange to 10+ coins
• Coins are stored in cold storage
• App is secured and supported
• LSK price and statistics
• Restore wallet from any Android&iOS device
• Simple and beautiful Freewallet interface

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

Lisk Free wallet is a centralized, easy to use, smartphone supported Android and iOS wallet with medium level anonymity and great user interface. It only supports LISK which are stored in cold storage. The user can be logged in through Email, Facebook and Google + and the wallet can be topped up by Lisk funds using multiple currencies like USD, bitcoin, ethereum. There is an internal exchange too with more than ten coins. The private keys are stored by a third party with no encryption. It is not open source and lacks simple features like Hierarchical Deterministic, Multi-Signature, and 2 Factor Authentication.

User Review

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Andrew Mor29 november 2018, 12:06

I've been using this wallet for half a year or so. Consider it as a very safe an easy-to-use app, even my wife can understand it. However, every good things come to end: since I've changed my mobile, I badly need Lisk Wallet on iOS...

Sean K29 october 2018, 12:28

I've started to trade Lisk a few months ago, in Summer. And Freewallet was the first LSK wallet I came across. WhyI stayed? Because I like it for a great opportunity of wallets, especially that one. I don't mind having 3 of them as it's more comfortable for me than a Multiwallet app. Whole in whole, 4 stars.

tdd09 april 2018, 18:58

Very poor security provided but considering it from freewallet, good for holding lisk funds and get fast conversions to lisk funds through any currency. If you want to store lisk somewhere, go for the official lisk core or lite wallets. They are much better, check out official lisk site.

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