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Solutions For Transportation Utilizing Tezos Network - Tezos News: Chorus Project. Monday, October 1

01 october 2018, 19:04 by Jesús S. Affigne

[Exclusive] A new blockchain-based project likely to be built on Tezos Network

TokenTops spoke with the CEO of Chorus, an R&D company working on blockchain solution for transportation.

The Tezos Network is proving to be an ideal ecosystem for the development of blockchain-based solutions. Its self-amending capabilities, permission-less platform, and on-chain governance mechanism, among other features, have caught the attention of several companies, looking for a stable blockchain protocol to base their projects on. Chorus being one of them.

An US-based R&D company – and member of the global consortium MOBI – Chorus is an on-going project aiming to develop a transportation solution based on the distributed ledger technology. TokenTops spoke with Will Vorobev, CEO and Founder of the aforementioned startup, about the project and their reasons to choose Tezos above any other blockchain protocol.

TT: Could you tell us about you as a company, and what are you aiming at with the service you’re looking to provide?

WV: We are a U.S based blockchain RnD company focused on solutions for transportation. We have conducted a multiple academic researches in that area and as it’s described had an extensive experience developing payment solutions for ride sharing and taxi industries in NYC. 

Blockchain was an evolutionary tool we have discovered back in 2014 as a better alternative for the conventional payment protocols. We are big fans of Tezos project and planning to build a network layer on top of their Blockchain, specifically for Vehicle to Vehicle communications and payments. The rest is described on our website and in the Research Paper. We have also applied for Tezos developers grant.

TT: Why choosing Tezos over other blockchains?

WV: A lot of reasons but mainly for their support of formal verification in smart contracts. It’s a very specific QA process that all auto manufacturers require. In addition, the speed, 1 min for the block with PoS consensus algorithm. We also like that it’s build with functional languages. It requires high programming skills, keeps unprofessionals away and insures the code correctness.

TT: Nice! And what about the launch of your platform? Do you have a roadmap for your project, or a release date?

WV: It depends if we receive that grant from Tezos. We are confident that we could develop an alpha version of the network in less than a year with the proper funding. We have completed several smart contracts for Tezos already, they can run on the Mainnet. But of course to build our own Vehicle Networks Layer on top of Tezos will require excessive development and validation process.

TT: Have you considered to launch an ICO or some sort of crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds?

We have. But the decision is not yet made. We are a US based company and working with auto manufacturers, so we are complying with all possible laws since cars is a very sensitive subject. In order for us to launch a Token Distribution, we need to conduct it in a regulated manner, which is a very difficult time and money consuming task, not to mention the Marketing budget. But we are open to Venture Investors and private crypto currency funds.

Surprised to be found by the community

It is worth mentioning that the company has not yet announced anything related to the Tezos R&D, but even so, the Tezos community at Reddit found their website and commented about them, much to the surprise of Vorobev and his team. “It seems like Tezos community is extremely interested in out project and that’s positive for us,” he told us.

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