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Monero News And Price Overview: User Finds A Bug In Monero Seed Code. Friday, July 13

13 july 2018, 10:40 by Jofor Humani

Important Monero News

Pirate Bay Using Visitors’ CPU to Mine Monero Again

Pirate Bay, the torrent site which has become popular due to its notoriety for using visitors’ CPU to mine monero has resumed the activity. In a disclaimer published on the website on July 4, it says “By entering TPB you agree to XMR being mined using your CPU. If you don’t agree please leave now or install an adBlocker”

The activity which started in September when the site launched a trial version utilizes Coinhive, which uses a simple script allowing developers take advantage of the CPU of users of a site. The activity takes a substantial amount of resources to accomplish the mining objective.

Pirate Bay has been criticized for using visitors CPU in mining. Browser mining heats up devices and reduces their lifespan. Many users of the site though say they don’t mind their devices used for mining, preferring it to obtrusive advertisements.

User Finds A Bug In Monero Seed Code

A Reddit user announced that he has found vulnerability in the Monero seed code. According to the findings, it makes the platform vulnerable to plaintext recovery.

The report says the bug is well hidden in the 1100th line. The challenge it poses the platform explained “A key recovery encryption system (or recoverable encryption system) is an encryption system with a backup decryption capability that allows authorized persons (users, officers of an organization, and government officials), under certain prescribed conditions, to obtain the keys needed to decrypt ciphertext.”

Fierce_UK the user who discovered the bug recommends that the same password should not be used between two seeds and that the spendkey to a wallet must never be disclosed even if the transaction has been concluded.

Although Monero has not responded to the bug claim, the community is expecting an update soon.

Monero Price

XMR/USD Price Chart, Friday July 13th:

Monero News And Price Overview: User Finds A Bug In Monero Seed Code. Friday, July 13

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