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Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis: LISK mainnet Core 1.0.0 is in a beta testing phase! What it means for the price of LSK? Saturday, June 16

16 june 2018, 14:34 by Gilbert Hanson

Important Lisk News

Lisk Core 1.0 Beta Testing

The very anticipated Lisk Core 1.0 seems to be very close to the official release as final development is taking place. Currently, it has moved to the beta testing phase. The team said: "The preparations for transitioning to Core 1.0.0 Testnet have already begun. With large scale code quality and migration tests planned, we're ready to make this transition as seamless as possible."

The developers has prepared a development overview and update, as they managed to fix many of issues and bugs which were found during this week beta testing. They want to acknowledge that the community is an important part of this process as some users analyze the code regularly and report about potential issues.

Next steps include next tests of updated and fixed Lisk Core 1.0.0 beta.9, which has been released on Friday. Moreover, the team will run final QA round with the focus on mainnet and testnet data migration, synchronization and snapshot creation. But also public betanet testing with 500 nodes to test the scalability of the network. During this large-scale test, multiple transactions will be broadcasted to confirm that the network behaves as expected when put under stress. 

Lisk Price Analysis

LSK started the week trading at around $7 with a slight but upward trend. Before the price fall which was heavily influenced by Bitcoin's price movement and the rest of cryptocurrency market, LSK reached $7.30 just to get down to $6.25. A notable price spike happened on June 14th, when the coin got from $6.43 to $6.90 in a matter of hours. For the last days the price was rather stable and sideways with a slight uptrend in last two days. It is currently fluctuating around $6.50 region.

LSK/USD Price Chart, Saturday June 16th:

Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis: LISK mainnet Core 1.0.0 is in a beta testing phase! What it means for the price of LSK? Saturday, June 16


One of the Reddit users has commented on the post about upcoming Lisk Core and what this may mean for LSK price. "In spite of delays thus far, this could actually end up being really good timing. BTC is settling down into more of a sideways trading pattern, and soon won't be able to inflict the same degree of market-wide carnage. This will give the Lisk sapling more fertile ground to grow into an oak by 2019." Lisk has dropped in price from $15 down to the region of $6, which means an almost 3x value loss due to the whole cryptocurrency market fall.

The community seems to be divided into people which have become fed up with the slow development and lack of fully working mainnet or meeting the roadmap deadlines. On the other hand, the developers are making a significant progress and everything can be traced on their GitHub. Therefore, many users believe that this is a great possibility to get the coins for a cheaper price before the project starts releasing new features in next months.

One has to take into the consideration that LSK was able to reach $35 few months ago. So how far could they go with a green market and fully working product?

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