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Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis: LISK code rated 2nd best among blockchain projects! Monday, May 28

28 may 2018, 18:12

Bitcoin's influence on the market

Bitcoin is falling dramatically currently and it seems that it's not going to stop soon. Even though, no one likes to see negative price movements, many investors and experts consider it a healthy move, as lower price ranges will be a good place for BTC to stay until its ready for wide and mainstream adaptation. After a failed run to the $9000, it has currently dropped below $7500 and with current $7280, may even drop below $7000, bringing of course the whole market down as well.

You can read a detailed Bitcoin Price Analysis and why the drop in price can be good for the crypto market.

Lisk Important News

Lisk code rated 2nd best among blockchain projects

DPRating has looked through GitHub of 200 blockchain projects and rated them based on few categories: Popularity of the Library, Number of Contributors, Release Frequency, Number of Commits. Lisk has scored 'High' or 'Very High' in all of the categories. It's worth noting that it's been listed above projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Augur or Steem just to name few popular ones. The first place was given to EOS, which is very active currently due to upcoming mainnet launch. You can read how own blockchain can affect EOS price in this TokenTops article.

Blockshow voting

Blockshow aims to bring together the global Blockchain community, as well as to demonstrate multiple new cases for implementation and enhancement of the Blockchain technology. The conference is designed to provide an exclusive look into exciting projects and initiatives, as well as to keep introducing Blockchain to the World. They ran a rating, which distinguished Lisk to be among 3 top blockchain projects. Moreover, one of Lisk developers Gina Contrino has been chosen as one of leading women on blockchain.

Lisk Hub 0.7.0

The new version of desktop app has been released, which updated delegate details page and added a function to request LSK. "This feature also includes a more in-depth request function that will let you request a specific amount of LSK tokens. Through the specific amount request function, you will be able to share predefined LSK transaction requests with anyone you'd like."

LSK Price Analysis

With the whole cryptocurrency market going down, LSK seems to be following the similar pattern. In recent days it has kept on the down trend with few notable price drops. On May 25th it fell from $9.40 to $8.93 within few hours only. The price then recovered slightly just to fall down to $8.70 region, where it stabilized for a whole day. Currently after another at $8.84, the LSK price seems to be going below $8.50.

LSK/USD Price Chart, Monday May 28:

Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis: LISK code rated 2nd best among blockchain projects! Monday, May 28


The whole community is currently awaiting the SDK, which would bring great utility for the project. The upcoming dApps, sidechain platforms and even ICOs will then bring value. Therefore, the current lows are ideal opportunities for many brave investors to buy as many as they can, as after the cryptomarket and bitcoin solve their current small crisis, the technology itself will be able to make LSK worth more. Recently, they shared statistics which show that there are 200,000 wallets created and the number is only growing, which will also affect the demand for the tokens. You can read a full Lisk price prediction and comparison with Ethereum here, is it even possible to compete with ETH? The raise in the number of smart contract projects shows that many developers are ready to do this.

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