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Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis - China Government rate Lisk 3rd best cryptocurrency!

18 may 2018, 11:10

Lisk analysis and future prospects

According to the developers their main goal was to create a digital asset with a digital blockchain environment that could pose a challenge to Ethereum and deliver smart-contracts in a much more effective way, allowing creation of much more advanced dApps. It's worth noting that recently, after Lisk has started to show what they can offer, even the former CEO of Ethereum along with another ETH member joined the team behind Lisk.

Historical Data

Lisk started trading on exchanges in April of 2016. With the expected high price fluctuations after the ICO phase, reaching even $6.9 in the possible initial pumps, it has stabilized at $0.20, falling later to $0.15 and sleeping there for almost a year. The developers have gathered a promising amount of funds during the early stages and ICO offerings. The Lisk ICO has ended with a total of 14,009 BTC and 80 million XCR exchanged. What might have seemed like a negative year due to massive dump and low price, was in fact devoted to the development of the technology itself.

Lisk Price History:

Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis - China Government rate Lisk 3rd best cryptocurrency!

With the more details and features being released to the public, the price gained a movement, which still lasts today. The headlines and articles from the first successful releases of the platform were expressing very positive messaged. You could read „Lisk Goes Mainstream With First Major Lisk Nano 1.0 Release“.

It managed to reach almost $40, while the market crash brought it down to $10 ranges, where it seems to sit stable, with slight fluctuations in both sides.

Lisk Price Chart (LSK/USD) (May 18th):

Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis - China Government rate Lisk 3rd best cryptocurrency!

Notable and upcoming events

Lisk has finished their rebranding, which was the first step in their big plan. Many people agree that their GitHub is the most active and stable blockchain project. The team is very active on various cryptocurrency events and have organized a whole tour of meetups with investors, supporters and various developers. They are sponsors of Consensus 2018.

For 2018, they scheduled development of their main Lisk Core 1.0, changes in the fee and delegate systems and most importantly JavaScript support, dApps and custom tokens, which would allow new projects to be built upon Lisk, alongside with SDK to help developers create them.

Moreover, they are creating a Lisk Academy. Co-founder and CEO Max Kordek explained that: „This is our way to educate beginners of the blockchain space, and I think it will go a really really long way towards getting new people into the space, make them familiar with the tech, and then make them huge fans of Lisk.“

Lisk rated 3rd best cryptocurrency by Chinese Government:

Lisk Price Prediction and Analysis - China Government rate Lisk 3rd best cryptocurrency!

Future predictions

The most common struggle many projects have is the scalability. Lisk is one of the most scalable smart contract blockchains in the market currently. The sole technology if delivered fully can be a huge step in the cryptocurrency world. And even though there have appeared other projects which are trying to take this technology and sidechain solutions from them, Lisk is the closest to deliver the full product.

Lisk vs Ethereum

Ethereum has the advantage of being well-established in the crypto community, as well as the mainstream world and news. It is often put on the same level with Bitcoin and labeled the second biggest cryptocurrency. However, technologically speaking, Lisk has chances of delivering much better product. The current drawbacks are the slow development times, however many supporters believe that a good product simply takes time to be developed properly.

Lisk has proved that it can reach a range of $40 while the market is positive. It has come a long way when it comes to development compared to its all time highs, therefore next bullish market trend could easily take it to the $100 ranges, while the technology itself can in the long term put it at the $1000 mark or even ruling out Ethereum in the most positive scenario for Lisk. After the project is fully developed, an investor can make rather safe assumptions of price ranges at $50 in worse cases.

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