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IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis - Going up! Partnership with leading IoT project, Friday May 18

18 may 2018, 17:54

Bitcoin's influence on market

Cryptocurrency Market Cap has reached over $300,000,000,000 and seems to stay up there even despite the downtrend, which has been happening for past few days. The current level of Bitcoin Dominance on the Cryptocurrency Market places at around 37.4%. You can read this TokenTops analysis and news research on Bitcoin Current Price, Prediction and how it affects the rest of the market.

Bitcoin dominance on the cryptocurrency market:

IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis - Going up! Partnership with leading IoT project, Friday May 18

Important IOTA News

Recently, it's been announced that IOTA has partnered with the one of the biggest platform focusing on the IoT (Internet of Things) schemes, has written in their press release: „The integration will enable tamper-proof and chargeable readings of smart sensor data. This will equip healthcare operators and supply chain firms which monitor environmental conditions for compliance reasons with fully transparent ways for storing and reporting on telemetry data.“ While Dominik Scheiner, Co-founder and Co-Chairman of the IOTA Foundation (IOTA) said about the cooperation: „The IOTA Tangle and its lightweight architecture is specifically designed to support smart devices and become the integrity layer for the IoT. We are looking forward to collaborating with and to empower the building blocks for a smarter supply chain using their powerful IoT platform. With this partnership we also have the potential to ensure delivery of trusted and non-damaged medicine to patients by providing the needed supply chain visibility. This is a very meaningful and important endeavor.“

The community and the whole market is still expecting the Qubic protocol, which will most likely put IOTA ahead of other projects for some time. You can read TokenTops Analysis on IOTA and Qubic, where we research Qubic's impact on IOTA price.

IOTA Price Movement Analysis

IOTA seems to recover slowly from the small price fall which happened few days ago. It was mostly connected with Bitcoin situation and MT.Gox Trustee allegations of dumping huge amounts of BTC, which has driven the whole cryptocurrency market down for a moment. You can read here about what happened to Bitcoin last week and how MT.Gox and Korean Exchanges ride affected the market.

IOTA Price Chart (MIOTA/USD) May 18:

IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis - Going up! Partnership with leading IoT project, Friday May 18

While it fell from $1.82 to $1.66 quite rapidly, it seems to be recovering again in a more stable and controllable way. It is currently at $1.75 and still going up.

IOTA Prediction

Not many days ago it traded confidently at $2 range, therefore it is expected that it will reach this mark again and fluctuate in the $1.90-$2.20 range, with the positive news influencing the price we can expect higher prices as we will be approaching launch of Qubic.

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