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IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis: Fujitsu World Tour showcased "Backbone of IoT". Trinity Wallet mobile update. Tuesday, May 29

29 may 2018, 21:10

Bitcoin's influence on the market

After a rather long downtrend, which took place in last days, during when the price went quickly from $8500 regions to barely above $7100, there may finally be some light. The most positive news about Bitcoin's price movement is the sudden spike, as BTC got from $7150 to $7400 within only few hours, making almost the whole cryptocurrency market go green instantly, with many coins scoring even +10% price changes.

IOTA Important News

Trinity Wallet Update

A positive update or new features of any kind have always chance to affect cryptocurrency price. This week post about update was focused on the mobile devices, so that MIOTA could be easily accessed from your smartphones whenever you want. Charlie Varley, one of the developers, has written on IOTA subreddit that "Both the mobile audit and threat modelling are complete." Which means that the Trinity wallet is very close to officially launching very soon. Many people speculate that it may be released before July 3rd, as it's the day of official Qubic announcement and the developers may want to have a working wallet ready for all of the new users who will be encouraged by the upcoming events and buzz around IOTA. One of the redditors have mentioned that: "Charlie confirmed at 2018.5.5 10:57 «we will have trinity mobile beta before that date» as a reaction on «we need trinity before 03/06»"

Fujitsu World Tour

A well-known technological company Fujitsu is hosting their Fujitsu World Tour 2018, where they explore the latest business challenges across industry sectors and see the new technology in action. This year themes is "Co-creation for Success", they want to show how Fujitsu technology helps organizations. They are focusing on technologies like Cloud, AI, IoT and Cyber Security. IOTA has been recognized as the backbone of IoT and showcased on the event, which can increase awareness and mainstream usage of the project.

IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis: Fujitsu World Tour showcased

MIOTA Price Analysis

At the first glance at the price chart, one can notice the very positive price spike, when the price got from $1.35 to $1.54 within few hours, which may be attributed to Bitcoin's price going up a little bit. In last days, MIOTA traded confidently around 1.44 region, with a slight downtrend. As of May 29, the current price equals $1.51. Can the current spike be connected with positive news and updates coming up at the beginning of June?

MIOTA/USD Price Chart, Tuesday May 29:

IOTA Price Prediction and Analysis: Fujitsu World Tour showcased


With more information about Qubic protocol being announced on June 3rd, the price can significantly move in both ways depending on how the community will receive it. There has been lots of waiting and criticism when it comes to development time of Trinity wallet, however as it seems to be almost finished, the release can affect the price in a positive way. IOTA seems not to rush their moves and this in the long term may turn out to be a good strategy, as in the end a good product is the most important factor.

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