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Important day for LISK is coming. Prepare for the 29th of August! - Lisk News, LSK Price.

26 august 2018, 23:05 by Gilbert Hanson

Lisk is an open source platform designed to host decentralized applications on the blockchain programmed in a very popular javascript. One of the interesting features opening up new possibilities are the presence of sidechains. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum sometimes encounter network congestion due to bloats and clogs because there are many transactions going on at the same time. The Lisk design enables large volume activities to be run on its sidechain freeing up the main chain.

To learn What Is Lisk and How It Is Different From Bitcoin check out this article.

Important Lisk Cryptocurrency News

Lisk Core 1.0 is Ready

In a blog post announcement on August 15th, the developers have officially said that one of the most anticipated parts of Lisk project had been finished. "Our biggest milestone to date is nearly here. We are very happy to announce that the major release of Lisk Core 1.0 is ready to reach the main network, Mainnet."

It is later explained that the estimated time for that to happen is 29th of August, which is currently only three days from now. "The migration of Lisk Core 1.0 to Mainnet will happen when we reach block height 6,901,027 at the end of round 68327. We expect this block height to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, no sooner than 11:00 AM CEST"

This update means a lot for the community and the developers, yet when it comes to ordinary LSK holders or investors there is nothing to worry about or take into the consideration solely when it comes to the technical aspect of this update. The team says: "On August 29, our engineering team will be on hand to help orchestrate and monitor the migration process". However, there is no need to do anything with the coins. As always, it is advised to keep them in wallets that one has private keys. The Lisk Developers say that: "We will maintain close contact with exchanges to ensure minimal disruption to deposits and withdrawals"

It is worth noting that for the security of your tokens, it is advised not to make any transactions within 24 hours around the Lisk Core update period.

"We are excited for this transition and expect it to go smoothly, however, if any unforeseen changes occur, we will keep the community informed throughout this time. Thank you again to the Lisk community for the continued support!"

LSK Price

Anticipating Lisk Milestones

In a Lisk Price Prediction article few weeks ago, we have taken a look at what the community and experts say about the coin, market and events which could influence the price. One of the reddit users foddersan has sum up this month for Lisk in four main points:
"- Lisk Core 1.0 will be hitting mainnet on August 29th
- New versions of Lisk Commander, Elements, Explorer, Nano, and Hub will be released to coincide with Lisk Core 1.0 hitting the mainnet
- 3 days later on September 1st Lisk's first Sidechain ICO will begin with a 10% bonus for purchases with Lisk
- According to Lisk's Marketing team, some exchanges may be waiting for Lisk Core 1.0 before Lisk is added."

You can read the full LSK Price Analysis and Prediction article here.

Now with the August 29th approaching in next days, LSK is rapidly increasing in value. On August 23rd, the coin was trading confidently around $4, with few days earlier falling even down to $3.77. Yesterday, as of August 25th, LSK hit $5.3, which adds up to almost +30% in couple of days. The price has corrected slightly and is now trading around $5 which happened to be a safe and positive harbour for the coin in last month.

Some people believe that a successful launch can safely put the coin around $7, while the more optimistic predictions bet even for $10 region. It is worth noting that the coin was worth more than $30 couple of months ago, during the cryptocurrency boom and record breaking market movements from Bitcoin.

LSK/USD Price Chart, Sunday August 26th:

Lisk (LSK) Price Chart

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