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Ethereum Price Prediction and Analysis: Vitalik gets offer from Google. Sunday, May 27

27 may 2018, 23:50

Bitcoin's influence on the market

Bitcoin's value has been dropping since couple of days bringing the whole market down. It tried to break the $9000 mark, while currently BTC struggles to even stay around $7500 region. It is not necessarily bad thing, as lower value is a good ground to build a stronger foundation for future price growth. Read a full Bitcoin price analysis and how Bitcoin can drop the label of being "poorly speculative" and become widely used for it's convenience.

Ethereum News

Google wants to hire Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum shared an email on his Twitter where Google asks him if he would be interested in working with them. He then jokingly created a poll to let his followers decide if he should take up the position. More than 50% responded "no". It shows mainstream recognition for Vitalik's project and the fact that such big company like Google would like to work with him can strengthen the position of Ethereum as a whole.

ETH Price Analysis

There were few notable price drops and spikes in the last days. ETH fell from $615 down to $589 only within an hour. The price then rebounced quickly a little above $600 mark and then began to drop. The lowest it got on May 26th, was at $577, while ETH is being currently traded at even lower prices, as it seems to be going for a longer downward walk. It traded as low as $569, while only couple of days ago the cryptocurrency was able to reach confidently $750 regions.

ETH/USD Price Chart, Sunday May 27:

Ethereum Price Prediction and Analysis: Vitalik gets offer from Google. Sunday, May 27

Ethereum Prediction

With new smart-contract projects gaining more popularity recently, there is a chance that it will in a way affect Ethereum price. However, it's more likely that the appearance of better competition may only slow down the price growth, rather than make it fall in the long term.

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