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Ethereum Price Prediction and Analysis; Ethereum News: Steve Wozniak compares Ethereum to Apple, Saturday May 19

19 may 2018, 16:37

Bitcoin's influence on market

While last weeks lows in the whole cryptocurrency market are directly connected with Bitcoin situations, Ethereum seems to be slightly more resistant to Bitcoin influence and is even able to go up despite Bitcoin going down. You can read a deeper analysis on what happened to cryptocurrency market, Korean Exchanges ride and MT.Gox trustee dumping huge amounts of BTC.

A recent look at Bitcoin price and prediction in this article, may also be a good indication of where the market is currently going.

Important Ethereum News

Ethereum as a project and potentially superior cryptocurrency has been acknowledged couple of times recently.

Steve Wozniak compares Ethereum to Apple

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, delivered a speech at the WeAreDevelopers technological conference in Vienna. He said that Ethereum has a chance of becoming as influential in the market as Apple. He added: Ethereum interests me because it can do things and because it's a platform. This added to the voices which critique current Bitcoin situation, where most of people want to hold instead of spending and using their cryptocurrency.

China ranks Ethereum the best cryptocurrency

Even though, China was the country to ban cryptocurrencies, they now plan to look deeper into cryptos and the technology and utility they provide. The cryptocurrency ratings will be divided into few categories: Technology, Application, Innovation. You can read more about China ranking cryptocurrencies in latest Bitcoin price and news overview article.

Ethereum Price Chart:

Ethereum Price Prediction and Analysis; Ethereum News: Steve Wozniak compares Ethereum to Apple, Saturday May 19

Ethereum was ranked the best cryptocurrency on the list, while Bitcoin placed 13th. Ethereum scored the highest ranking in application at 23.7 points, as it is simply able to provide much more utility than for example Bitcoin at this point, which scored only 13.1 in this category.

Ethereum Price Movement Analysis

It has recently managed to get from below $670 mark to above $720, and still going up. The whole crypto market seems to recover from the noticeable fall from last week. You can read recent TokenTops cryptocurrency price movement analysis, as of Saturday May 19, where we take a look at ETH/USD pair.

Ethereum Price Prediction

There are two possibilities which people consider when it comes to Ethereum price prediction. It can either solve its current problems and keep on going as the leading smart-contract provider or will simply be beaten by the young, much better technologically upcoming platforms, as the competition in the smart-contract market is getting stronger and stronger.

Lisk, EOS, NEO, Stratis vs Ethereum

The appearance of platforms and projects like Lisk, EOS, NEO or Stratis are indications that there are developers trying to compete with Ethereum and the fact that values of these cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing shows that people believe in the innovations they bring into smart-contract market. Therefore, there is a risk that one of the upcoming projects will be able to offer better solutions than Ethereum does, however any potential change in leading smart-contract network is a long-term possibility, as Ethereum is now well-established on the market.

In the short-term we can expect come back to the all time highs ranges, as Ethereum powers up many other projects, therefore there is a huge demand and utility when it comes to ETH.

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