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Ethereum Price Analysis: The whole market is going down. ETH -7%, Swiss city to introduce Ethereum technology. Wednesday, June 13

14 june 2018, 02:54 by Gilbert Hanson

Important Ethereum News

CTI Rewards Woman in Afghanistan

CoinDesk has recently reported about very interesting project by Code to Inspire (CTI), which aims to teach woman in Afghanistan to write code. They have partnered with the Bounties Network to reward the coders with Ethereum cryptocurrency for fixing bounty projects and codes.

Fereshteh Forough, the founder of CTI, said: "I personally think it is good to have digital literacy or financial literacy, the knowledge, especially for women in Afghanistan that are limited from accessing a lot of financial resources, such as banks," He added also: "It's an amazing technology, not only in case of financial aspects but also in terms of using blockchain technology to create different products that could tackle, maybe, one of these issues."

Swiss City to introduce Ethereum technology

One year ago, in July 2017, the city announced an ethereum-based application called uPort, which was created to digitize local residents IDs. With their digital profile city residents are able to cast votes in blockchain polling pilot. However, the city government for now considers it a consultative test and the results are not binding, but it's a first step into wider adaptation of blockchain technology in the society. The project has over 200 residents signed up for these new services and tests.

ETH Price Analysis

Until June 9th, the price was steadily resting around $600 region for few days without any significant price changes. The highest it got was $617-$620, while the lows reached around $585. Then out of a sudden and mostly because of Bitcoin's price movement, ETH dropped in price down to only few dollars above the $500 mark. It then recovered slightly and reached $537 just to drop once again, this time to the lows of $492. Currently, it seems that the downtrend will remained for few days as the price is still heading slightly downwards. However, the movement will be mostly affected by BTC price rather than any significant news or update. At the moment of writing this article ETH is worth $496.20.

ETH/USD Price Chart, Wednesday June 13th:

Ethereum Price Analysis: The whole market is going down. ETH -7%, Swiss city to introduce Ethereum technology. Wednesday, June 13Follow TokenTops on Twitter to stay notified about new articles, cryptocurrency news, ICO announcements and price predictions and analysis.

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