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EOS Price Prediction and Analysis: Name your EOS wallet! Also: Experts praise CEO Dan Larimer for his excellent work. Tuesday, May 22

22 may 2018, 17:30

If you want to learn what exactly is EOS cryptocurrency, read this TokenTops article on How to get EOS and how it's different from other coins.

The world of cryptocurrency, at the moment, seems to having some hard times as the downward spiral continues. This has generated concern in many quarters- among investors and market observers, but this should not take anyone by surprise considering the fact that the market is still emergent and a free-flowing one. The seemingly inherent flaws – lack of regulatory clarity and the general volatility in the market makes it quite an “infant market”.

Bitcoin's influence on the market

There is no use in analysing price of any cryptocurrency or token without looking at the BTC situation. With more than 37% dominance on the whole market, many altcoins follow the paths and directions set by movements of Bitcoin. You can read a recent TokenTops article about Bitcoin Price Analysis and News Overview, which can affect the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

Important EOS News

Dan Larimer performance so far

Market experts have opined as to what may likely be the contributing factors to this general atmosphere of optimism, driving the currency up – EOS carving out a niche for itself. Observers have spoken of the incredible personality of the CEO – Dan Larimer. This view was corroborated by Mati Greenspan of the social trading platform, Etoro, saying “Confidence is high in Dan Larimer. Many believe that he's created something truly extraordinary here”. 

eToro impact

Buoyed by this confidence, eToro has added EOS few weeks ago to its trading pairs, boosting the currency profile amongst its 9 million users spread across 200 countries. Such information greatly affects EOS exposure and makes it recognizable for more investors.

EOS wallet names

EOS has also added very recently a small but quite interesting feature of naming the wallets. The wallet users can set a 12 character username, stored on the blockchain and used to make transactions. The account names given to pre-existing users cannot be changed prior to the mainnet launch. Reddit users were very enthusiastic about the feature: „That’s cool I have always found keys to be easily lost and hard to remember.“, „Heeeeeey! I haven’t checked mine yet. Nothing has ever excited me like this in a while!“

EOS Price Movement Analysis

EOS, in the midst of the gloom, is defining a path filled with great prospects – the market rose more than 19 percent yesterday, beyond expectation most especially when you compare to the other big first names.

EOS price has peaked at around $14 when the Bitcoin attempted its run for $9000 mark. The price then fell rapidly from $14.17 to $13.40 in two hours and began going down again to the $12 region, where it had been steadily waiting couple days ago. Currently, EOS is trading at $13.01.

EOS/USD Price Chart, Tuesday May 22nd:

EOS Price Prediction and Analysis: Name your EOS wallet! Also: Experts praise CEO Dan Larimer for his excellent work. Tuesday, May 22

EOS Prediction

EOS is actually the fifth largest currency by market value at the moment. Analysts had predicted an improved performance last week on the heels of the consensus conference, tapping from a similar scenario this time last year but such hopes were not realized. The bearish outlook in the overall has remained. You can check out previous EOS articles and predictions to follow how the possible price path changes. Currently, there is still an anticipation period for the launch of EOS mainnet, which will undoubtedly affect the price, hopefully in the positive way. Maybe it will be able to reach and stay at $20 region confidently.

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