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EOS Price Prediction and Analysis: Votes needed for Mainnet Launch! Monday, June 11

11 june 2018, 14:37 by Gilbert Hanson

Important EOS News

Blockchain Votes

EOS Mainnet has been officially launched now. EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) was formed and over 100 candidate organizations participated in a vote, where one could declare "Go/No Go". The vote was rather unanimous, while the meeting was streamed on Youtube by EOS GO. Appointed block producers will now take the network live, however in order for this to happen, 15% of tokens needs to be staked to votes, as the blockchain will be based on the PoS system.

Currently the vote seems to be rather confusing for most of the users, as there hasn't been any official and easy to use tools to do so. There has been few tools and tutorials published by the community and users. However, one has to be very cautious as there is a risk of malicious software or fake tutorials which may lead to losing your tokens.

EOS Price Analysis

Bitcoin's Influence On the Market

When taking a look at recent EOS performance one has to take into the consideration, BTC price movement and the sudden fall which affected almost whole cryptocurrency market. After the mainnet launch and so far rather successful switch from ERC-20 tokens, EOS has been performing very well. However, BTC price fell from $7681 to almost as low as $6700 within few days. All of the cryptocurrencies and tokens scored negative price changes, falling even as much as -20% in last 24 hours.

EOS Price Movement

The beginning of June brought the cryptocurrency up to $15 mark. Next days with a slight drop in value EOS found stable ground around $14, fluctuating slightly in both way in a rather controlled manner. The sudden fall happened on June 10th, when the coin fell from $14.37 down to $10.56. It has recovered slightly since then and is trading above $11.20. However, Bitcoin doesn't seem to have found a stable ground yet, therefore next falls may be expected, driving the rest of the market down.

EOS/USD Price Chart, Monday June 11th:

EOS Price Prediction and Analysis: Votes needed for Mainnet Launch! Monday, June 11


For now, the short term predictions need to be fully connected with Bitcoin's price movement. If it falls any further, EOS will be losing its price as well. However, it shouldn't drop below $8. Moreover, with the recent mainnet launch most of the investors are rather positive about where EOS is heading and it could have easily be trading above $15 right now if it wouldn't be for that sudden crash. It's also worth reminding that at the beginning of May, EOS was trading confidently around $19, while in April it managed to reach $22.52. Now with the own blockchain launched, it could easily double these marks.

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