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EOS Price Prediction and Analysis - EOS preparing for bullish run with the upcoming mainnet launch, Friday May 18

18 may 2018, 09:15

Bitcoin's influence on market

Cryptocurrency Market Cap has reached over $300,000,000,000 and seems to stay up there even despite the downtrend, which has been happening for past few days. The current level of Bitcoin Dominance on the Cryptocurrency Market places at around 37.4%. You can read this TokenTops analysis and news research on Bitcoin Current Price, Prediction and how it affects the rest of the market.

Bitcoin dominance on the cryptocurrency market:

EOS Price Prediction and Analysis - EOS preparing for bullish run with the upcoming mainnet launch, Friday May 18

Important News

EOS launch mainnet

The most important news that EOS investors should keep an eye on is the migration from Ethereum network to their own blockchain. The EOS mainnet launch is scheduled for 2nd of June, 2018. Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst for social trading platform eToro noticed the importance of this event: „Crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe are extremely excited about the launch of EOS main-net.“

Spreading awareness

The community of EOS and the developers wants to spread the knowledge about the project. Undoubtedly, the positive price movements and the fact that many news outlets start reporting on EOS price movement and predictions is helping them. has released a small series of 2 min videos talking about VC funding and other topics. Check out the EOSIO Youtube channel for more details.


EOSchat, named „Next Generation Chat App“ has been announced to be based on EOS technology, and will be launched next month. EOSchat integrates digital currency storage, ultra-fast mainnet transaction, EOS elite community and encrypted instant messaging.

EOS community is responding very positively as it is not the only announcement. One of the users have written on their subreddit: „EOS is having so many dApps being launched and it hasn't even launched the mainnet yet.“ The most interesting things about dApps on EOS, is something that Jay Smith noticed in his London Evening Standard research: „EOS’s founders have given hundreds of millions of dollars from the funds raised during the ICO to venture capital funds investing in app start-ups. One condition: only apps using the Eos infrastructure can apply for funding. EOS VC funding currently totals $1.4 billion.“ This shows how much focus is put on providing a lot of utility to the project, as many ICOs remain inactive and simply empty, therefore their tokens become useless.

EOS Price Movement Analysis

Sheri Kaiserman of noticed the possible cause of recent EOS price fall: „I believe Upbit, the largest Korean exchange that just got raided and shut down last week, had the largest EOS trading volume and that caused EOS to fall.“

EOS Price chart:

EOS Price Prediction and Analysis - EOS preparing for bullish run with the upcoming mainnet launch, Friday May 18 EOS price fell rapidly from fluctuating above $18 mark to $12. Currently it is slowly raising again, despite the rest of the market aiming for a downtrend. Even as of the morning of Friday 18, May, it began to raise quite rapidly within few hours from $12.08 to $12.62 and still going further.

EOS Prediction

EOS has done well so far this year, rising to as much as $22.89 on April 29. Oliver Isaacs, blockchain investor and advisor gave a positive price prediction of what may happen after the upcoming launch of EOS mainnet: „This will be a groundbreaking event, the likes of which this industry has yet to see. Alternative investors are snapping up as many coins as they can get their hands on.“ He also added: „I expect EOS to start a bullish movement right after the launch of the mainnet.“

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