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EOS News and Price Overview: Block.One May Start Voting on EOS Governance. Tuesday, July 10

10 july 2018, 08:56 by Jofor Humani

Important EOS News

Block.One May Start Voting on EOS Governance, the company behind the EOS platform has since the launch of the platform allowed users to exercise authority over governance decision. That though may soon change as the company announced that it may be exercising voting right in decision-making system of the platform.

This has surprised many who are aware of the decentralized projects vision. Since launch on June 14, the company has shown restraint in the exercise of voting right, but had rather allowed users make even difficult decisions.

Controlling 10 percent of the one billion tokens in circulation means that the company would effectively be in control of the network. Many analysts have shown surprise at the decision and rightly so.

"I find it problematic that is now involved in selecting block producers, as it undermines their role as a neutral third party, and affords them a significant amount of influence over the network," Arianna Simpson of Autonomous Partners said in an email to Coindesk.

EOS New York Alleges BP Crash

EOS has been buffeted by a series of controversies since launch. There have been allegations that 2 percent of the coin holders own 90 percent of all eos in circulation. As if that’s not enough distraction for a network that observers are saying is centralized in a few hands, the New York EOS has recently alleged that the some block producers actually crashed when the network capacity exceeded 1 GB.

In a tweet, the NY EOS wrote, “Some Block Producers crashed when RAM usage on EOS exceeded 1GB tonight. Either they only had 1GB or they did not configure their node to properly set it at 64GB. This is a violation of the regproducer agreement. EOS New York produced on schedule. We are still confirming details.”

The outlook for the coin is still good on a general level though as it still trades inside the July 2 high-low range.

EOS Price

EOS/USD Price Chart, Tuesday July 10th:

EOS News and Price Overview: Block.One May Start Voting on EOS Governance. Tuesday, July 10

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