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Dogecoin Price Prediction and Analysis: Survives along with Bitcoin and Litecoin since the very beginning. Friday, May 25

25 may 2018, 18:04

What is Dogecoin

To the surprise of many people, Dogecoin has been in the cryptocurrency world almost from the very beginning. Alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin it is one of the least currencies who has survived till today.

It's been created back in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and was meant to be a joke, connected with a popular Doge meme, a series of funny pictures of a particular breed of dog. It then evolved into in fact quite popular and usable cryptocurrencies. The transactions are cheap and fast and the coin is easily available for everyone from numerous faucets and can be mined without special or expensive equipment.

The strongest side of the project is its community and userbase. It has a strong presence and lots of activity on social platforms like Reddit, Twitter, BitcoinTalkForum and GitHub.

Dogecoin News

Dogecoin having more transactions than Bitcoin Cash

A month ago, there was an interesting situation, where Dogecoin dominated Bitcoin Cash in number of transactions. It's very interesting as it shows how popular this small cryptocurrency is and that it is even able to compete against big crypto players like Bitcoin Cash, which is currently trading above $1000.

Mbitcasino accepts DogeCoin

DogeCoin has become so popular, that it's not surprising to see it being accepted as the payment method on various platforms and sites or even in exchange for small services. It has been recently added to mBitCasino platform, which is a cryptocurrency online casino, which wants to offer great privacy and provable fair games.

Doge on OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar is a popular free e-commerce platform, which wants to offer more freedom and control when it comes to transactions than regular mainstream platforms like Ebay or Amazon for example. They have recently announced that it is now possible to trade crypto through the platform and it was a matter of time before DogeCoin became available to buy there.

Doge Price Analysis

DOGE price fluctuates with very small differences of $0.0001 in price. The most notable peak can be seen when the it jumped from $0.003733 to $0.004271 in no longer than an hour. It dropped very quickly and began its slow way down. The lowest point was hit at $0.003306. From there, it has started a slow and steady journey up. At the beginning of May, it was trading confidently above $0.005, so it's probably where it's heading right now.

DOGE/USD Price Chart, Friday May 25:

Dogecoin Price Prediction and Analysis: Survives along with Bitcoin and Litecoin since the very beginning. Friday, May 25

Doge Prediction

While we need to look at Dogecoin with a grain of salt and it's hard to even attempt at perceiving it as a serious investment, it has survived many years for some reason. There are many experts and analysts who believe that it may stay in the cryptomarket for a long time.

Doge undoubtedly can offer a greater stability than other coins and is rarely affected by the negative market movement. Many altcoins lose their value as soon as Bitcoin is dropping even a little bit in price. Secondly, Dogecoin is for sure a good cryptocurrency for small payments. It has fast and cheap transactions and it may be even more convenient to send someone spare DOGE instead of BTC.

Of course no one is going to make up some random numbers and try to persuade anyone to think that Doge could hit $100 or even $1 in that case. However, it will stay there and survive any crash or market crisis, mostly because of the crypto community which basically wants it to survive.

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