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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction And Analysis: +10% up! EatBCH charity and many more projects bring utility to the coin. Sunday, June 3rd

03 june 2018, 15:30 by Vergil Younge

Important Bitcoin Cash News shop fees comparison

Very popular platform has launched their online store focused on cryptocurrency related items. You can buy there various apparel like shirts with crypto logos, as well as pieces of art themed with cryptocurrencies or hardware wallets. They have been known to support Bitcoin Cash, believing that it is a superior version of the well known coin. They constantly try to prove it and recently showed a comparison of payments in both coins. The screen shows that by paying in BCH the user doesn't have to worry about fees, which in case of BTC are quite significant even on small transactions.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction And Analysis: +10% up! EatBCH charity and many more projects bring utility to the coin. Sunday, June 3rd

EatBCH charity

The foundation aims to help people in need by accepting donations focused on BCH. So far Eat BCH team has received 16,84 BCH or around $18,427 USD and thanks to the benefits of blockchain, decentralization and lack of fees or intermediaries, they were able to devote almost all of this money to help. Initially, the project aimed on helping Venezuelan people which suffered from economic problems such as  hyperinflation and turbulent economy, which led to increased number in homeless and starving people. Currently, they are focusing on helping people in South Sudan. The first day of the program took place on May 31st and, as the charity reports, over 50 people came for food despite the rainy day.

List of innovative projects

One of reddit users, lte13 posted an interesting summary and list of various projects which benefit from Bitcoin Cash. The amount and variety of these projects may add significant value to BCH, as they are the ones who provide utility for the token. BCHPizza for example is A website who offers people to post bounties for pizza shops accepting BCH, while BitBox provides toolkits for developers or FindBitcoin.Cash which is a geocache treasure hunting, just to name a few. You can check out the full list of useful and innovative Bitcoin Cash projects here. 

BCH Price Analysis

The price as of June 1st was equal to around $981, while only two days later on June 3rd BCH got to regions above $1120. This shows the enormous and rapid growth, as the 24 hours price change exceeds +10%. The chart was going relatively smooth with few notable spikes. On June 2nd, it jumped from $1000 to $1080 within few hours only. Currently it is trading at $1129.72.

BCH/USD Price Chart, Sunday June 3rd:

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction And Analysis: +10% up! EatBCH charity and many more projects bring utility to the coin. Sunday, June 3rd


The monthly chart shows a nice curve that the price is currently making, which gives an assumption that it may be back to the ranges of the beginning of May, when the BCH was worth even $1800. It seems like the crypto community starts to believe in Bitcoin Cash to be something more than simply another Bitcoin fork. And most of the skeptics from the past months may want to start recognizing it as a potentially significant cryptocurrency on the market. The amount of the projects which start to use it will also impact the price in a positive way.

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