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Shipper Carrier Direct Optimizaton Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Rick Burnett - CEO

Luke Patterson - President

Jacob Patterson - CTO

Mason Burnett - VP of Blockchain Integrations

Gary Heitz - Chief Operating Officer

Clint Johnson - VP of Sales

Matt Guinn - VP of Trucking Operations

Andrew Rivera - Communications Director

The LaneAxis Blockchain injects total security and data integrity into the notoriously disorganized freight and logistics sectors. Utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain's immutable ledger, Shippers and Carriers can now deal directly with each other, bypassing expensive third party freight brokers. The LaneAxis Blockchain verifies and stores all key data and documents involved in a freight movement, including Shippers' contracts, insurance certificates, Department of Transportation (DOT) registration numbers, and Commercial Drivers License (CDL) information. During transport, the LaneAxis ledger records and stores critical data in real-time, including proof-of-pickup, GPS location tracking, exception management, and proof of delivery. The LaneAxis Token serves as an API key granting access to the LaneAxis Blockchain Ecosystem.

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