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High-throughput Blockchain Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Xinshu Dong - CEO

​Prateek Saxena ​ - Chief Scientific Advisor

Christel Quek - Head of Marketing

Addison Huegel - Head of Communications

Yaoqi Jia ​ - Blockchain Architect

Max Kantelia ​ - Visionary

ZILLIQA is a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in transaction rates. As the number of miners in ZILLIQA increases, its transaction rates are expected to increase. At Ethereum’s present network size of 30,000 miners, ZILLIQA would expect to process about a thousand times the transaction rates of Ethereum. The cornerstone in ZILLIQA’s design is the idea of sharding — dividing the mining network into smaller shards each capable of processing transactions in parallel. ZILLIQA further proposes an innovative special-purpose smart contract language and execution environment that leverages the underlying architecture to provide a large scale and highly efficient computation platform. The smart contract language in ZILLIQA follows a dataflow programming style which makes it ideal for running large-scale computations that can be easily parallelized. Examples include simple computations such as search, sort and linear algebra computations, to more complex computations such as training neural nets, data mining, financial modeling, scientific computing and in general any MapReduce task.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

ZILLIQA is a blockchain platform based on its own protocol. ZILLIQA offers its solution as a substitute for the obsolete Ethereum. And it offers a faster transaction speed, a convenient language for writing smart contracts and a well-scalable architecture. The team has already released an alpha version of the protocol. However, for a project that consists of code, it is better to have a ready version. There are many developers and advisers in the project team. There is a technical White Paper, which outlines the principles of the future protocol in detail.

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