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Decentralized Asset Management

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Smart contract blockchain





SERGE GELLER - Сo-founder, COO


ANDREY GUNIN - Co-founder, CFO

VIACHESLAV TIMERBULATOV - Co-founder, Head of Business Development

SERGEY SHVEY - Product Owner



Arthur Hakobyan - PhD, Software Architect

Armen Ivanyan - Software Architect

Khoren Shahbazyan - Developer

Aspram Shadyan - Developer

Tigran Avetisyan - Software developer

Ekaterina Matveeva - Head of marketing

Taras Chumachenko - Partner, Head of Products

Ismail Malik - International business development advisor

We can see immense potential in the use of blockchain technologies, and in cryptocurrencies in particular. A new wave of the technological revolution will be based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. The latter will automate many processes and make them safe, transparent and reliable.

In the financial industry, blockchain technologies and the cryptocurrencies have been subjects of heated debates over the last few years. Today, they are seen as revolutionary innovations that can change the basics of the modern world economy. Rapid technological progress provided universal access to information and brought on globalization, but it failed to provide global prosperity. The widespread use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies will open the economy to millions of people who do not have access to traditional financial instruments or even do not have a bank account. It will completely transform the way they live and manage their finances letting them to make payments, manage their properties and receive loans.

Despite the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies, the digital asset management industry lags far behind the growth rates of the broader market. According to Autonomous NEXT estimates, there are from US$3.5 to US$5 billion of assets under management in the cryptocurrency market. This figure includes the funds of more than 220 hedge funds that invest in cryptocurrencies, asset management platforms, such as ICONOMI, as well as funds built on blockchain (Token-as-a-Service, Crypto20, TokenFund, and others)

The digital asset management industry is just beginning to emerge. The proportion of assets under management relative to the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market is negligible (about 1%). If we draw a parallel with the classical financial market, the volume of digital assets under management should grow 30-40 times the current number

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

ZiChain aims to be an information platform and offer its user an all in one trading platform. Basically, they want to create a blockchain asset management platform. It provides products such as the CryptoEye, which is news and market data provider and Fiat Gateway for which they have already obtained necessary licenses. The main features is the introduction of modules, which provide decentralized storage of assets and real-time verification of investment policy statement. The project has ZI token which are ERC20 based. The team consists of a group of trouble shooters who belong to the traditional world of financial realm and they have great experience, however there doesn't seem to be many developers on the board or members responsible for the sole blockchain. The website is nicely designed and has a great user interface. The whitepaper seems to be well thought and the roadmap seems practical.

User Review

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Kyle Stephan09 july 2018, 10:20

I am interested a lot in the crypto industry and when I recently learnt about Zichain I was very curious and can say now that this project has a bright future ahead.

I believe that Zichain and its team worked really hard to create something that will surely make it easier to invest in the cryptocurrencies and the crypto world in general.

The only thing I hope for is that the team makes Zichain available in more languages than it is already. I would recommend adapting it for German, Spanish and French.

My impression of the project is positive and I would definitely recommend it to someone wishing to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

ICO Review31 may 2018, 11:37

An all in one trading platform is what the project aims to offer and attract the userbase of investors which I think is a really common concept but the team behind the project is hardworking and also solve any problem they encounter in short amount of time. The website according to me is a bit long but has all the necessary information provided in simple terms and the roadmap also looks practical and the. whitepaper seems to be well planned.

Alex Clare23 may 2018, 16:03

For quite a long time I had a huge interest in the cryptocurrency industry and looked through many projects realted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but Zichain is the one that really attracted my attention. Their White Paper is well-done: they covered many important aspects that might be crucial for any investor -- transparency, convenience, reliability. Unlike many good projects that released products that mostly specialize in a small part of investment process, Zichain elaborated on a fully developed ecosystem that provides both investors and managers to financial infrastructure at the same time. In my opinion, it truly makes Zichain stand out in the big line of endless cryptocurrency projects. I have read the WhitePaper and I'm impressed by the idea of their ecosystem, whose products fit interest of a wide range of investors. The team is very experienced and relies on best practices of the traditional financial world. I am very sure that projects like this will lay the ground for future development of the crypto asset management industry. I am watching the project and wish Zichain good luck!

yar_coin21 may 2018, 18:33

I really like the idea of using a platform that offers all the necessary infrastructure to maintain generally accepted standards of safety and transparensy in the field of assent management. I really consider Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) developed by Zichain the platform that satisfies the needs of most of the investors. I assert that Zichain has all capabilities to do it, since it has strong team, amazing advisors and detailed and very well-prepared plan. Their White Paper is prepared very thoroughly, and even if one may not undestand some issues, they have very well-functioning Team of Support that immediately answers any questions. The fact that Zichain blends best practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies really makes it attractive for investors. I will definitely follow the project and wish Zichain good luck! The idea is big, the team is talented. I beleive the project has bright future!

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