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Innovative incentive based system, to reduce traffic

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Smart contract blockchain




Stuart Berkowitz - CEO and President

Kristopher Huber - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Rajesh Jha - VP of Engineering

Roberta Webber-Manners - Project Engineer

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

ZeroTraffic aims to take control of the road traffic by utilizing GPS technology. Yes, it is the same solution, which in fact is already used by Google Maps and other GPS apps. Blockchain is used only for in-app gamification and reward systems. At the same time, cities already have automated traffic management solutions based on big data. Decentralization in such systems makes sense only in order to have access to full data by all road users, not just a few companies. But from a commercial point of view, this is not the biggest advantage to make people use it instead of the usual applications.

User Review

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Mials18 september 2017, 21:34

I don't believe such native ideas which could be succeed in future. This plan might be dragged and turned to be a big scam to investor in near future. Government of every country are concern about traffic issue, but they will better figure out a well-round solution with structure corporate or organization, instead of co-operate with this personal team. I'm sorry for my honestly opinion because I think it logically.

TanyaDegurechaff16 september 2017, 19:17

As for my understanding of this ICO their idea is plain stupid. This ICO would like us to invest our money (the investor becomes a DM) at the same time work for them by providing them with the traffic data which the DM as they called it is assigned to an area preferred by the DM and the DM himself will provide the data so other can use it. And the reward of doing this is simply not worth it. In my honest opinion this ICO will not flourish and investing in it will become a waste of money. I would rather listen to free traffic news on the radio than this.

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