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Zeex is tackling crypto's biggest challenge-buying products and services

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Smart contract blockchain




Guy Melamed - CEO & Founder

Ziv Isaiah - CTO & Co-Founder

Apan Amos Damri - CMO

Yaniv Barak - Head of Business Development

Eyal Solnik - Operations Manager

Victoria Tsitrinbaum - Marcom Manager

Rafi Glantz - Community Manager

Ilan Schifter - Blockchain Developer

Zeex overcomes what is perhaps the greatest obstacle to the widespread adoption and use of cryptocurrency by — finally — making cryptocurrency spendable on everyday goods and services. It does so by making cryptocurrency seamlessly and effortlessly convertible into corporate currency (e.g. gift cards and retail vouchers).

The core element of the Zeex solution is the ZIX token, which serves three key functions. First, it covers users’ transactional risk until the trade is complete, obviating intermediaries. Second, it fairly determines who can exercise what kinds of transaction and when based on promised discount rates and supply. Third, since the token also serves as a login method, it unlocks the door to the Zeex platform. These functions operate automatically thanks to the smart contract terms embedded in the Zeex protocol. To realise this vision, Zeex draws on a number of assets. Vitally, Zeex is a sister company of Zeek Group, Europe’s leading marketplace for buying and selling corporate currencies, which maintains close relationships with name-brand retailers and has grown tenfold year-over-year for the last two years. The collaboration with Zeek guarantees access to a high-demand inventory for initial token buyers thanks to Zeek’s commitment of a multi-million dollar stock of retail vouchers, which makes the tokens immediately convertible. Further, the same leadership team that launched Zeek as a successful venture is also developing Zeex, and Zeex has also already secured stable funding from prominent VC backers. Finally, the palette of native apps is scheduled for rapid availability across a range of platforms, the revenue model and token sales have been carefully planned, and the potential use cases are virtually limitless.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Zeex creates a tool that would allow regular stores (online and offline) to accept cryptocurrencies from users as a means of payment. This is definitely the right tool, although one should not forget that there are already a number of projects that are engaged in the same and already offer the finished product. Unlike Zeex, which so far can not boast of MVP. The project looks good enough. The project managers are open to the public, make public appearances, which at least increases the credibility. Zeex has a number of partners from various fields, including e-commerce and finance. In addition, the project has a large enough team, many advisers. And it is very important that the project already has investments from various venture funds - this greatly increases its attractiveness.

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