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Ilya Yashin - Co-Founder & CEO

Yan Sepiashvili - Co-Founder

Dmitry Koleznev - Chief Operation Officer

Larry Cameron - Technical Information Security Officer

Alisha Golden - Marketing & PR in North America

Tim Kosykh - CBDO

The Internet is important for a huge variety of reasons, and it affects and facilitates nearly every aspect of modern life. A view in society has evolved MISSION that Internet access is one of the civil rights of a person. The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution that condemns any state blocking or restricting access to the Internet for its citizens. At the same time, a greater part of the world population of over 7,6 billion people still have no access to the Internet. In most cases, those who have it must pay for it.

The monthly cost of residential internet with a connection speed of 10 Mb/s in different countries varies from $3.40 to $197.70. An average monthly subscription fee in the world is about $30. If the Internet is considered to meet a basic human need, everyone should have an opportunity for Internet access whether it is paid or for free. According to the United Nations in 2016, there are over 800 million people below the poverty line (under $1.90 per capita a day). This is over 10% of the world population. The wealthiest and the middle class account for 24%. For 76% of the world population the monthly cost of the Internet is a substantial amount. And it goes without saying that almost everyone would welcome some additional sources of revenue.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

WorldWiFi wants to achieve what their name indicates, an enormous international network of always available internet. They want to encourage people to share their WiFi and routers with others in exchange for cryptocurrency. Moreover, the service would generally be free and in order to access the WiFi an user would have to watch an ad. Therefore, this will benefit also advertisers and create another way for brands to reach their customers. The design of the site is very good. The project seems to be well-prepared for ICO phases and also have proper people to deliver a working platform and network. However, the success of the platform relies on the amount of people willing to share their Internet access, but with interesting rewards and income possibilities it won't be a problem.

User Review

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Annette Bedoya24 february 2018, 20:29

Who doesn't like the idea of free internet . I think that it is a huge task , but an achievable task .A profit to all in avenues known and avenues yet to discover. Unfortunately how do you satisfy the greedy people who always want more. aka isp corps.from demanding more. And how do keep those who abuse for the sake of abusing in line . You have private people in a sense monitoring other poeple who will be using and accessing equipment, data that a private person will be responsible for. Do you have a plan, a safety net for the gatekeeper.
I truly believe this WoldWiFi is a world changing launching pad whose effects will generations to realize.

Yd12009 february 2018, 18:09

I think that the final words of the description available on their site, sum up the quality and advantages of the project perfectly:

"In the end, everybody wins: the guest user no longer pays for access to the internet, the router owners generate revenue by sharing their resource, and advertisers reach their target audience."

Some people may be discourages by the advertisement aspect, as we are often overwhelemed by all of the ads and banners and popups that we see while browsing the Internet, however in that case there will be special algorithms that will show us personalized and most suitable ads. In that case, you may even enjoy and be genuinly interested in the product you see. And of course, you get to access the Internet for free. It is also a good way for people to make some additional money, as they can share part of their Internet plan.

John J08 february 2018, 01:45

I really like the idea of having access to actually free internet everywhere. The only thing the user will have to do is to watch some ads, which will be personalized to reach better and suitable audience, therefore someone can even find there something interesting for himself. The gobal network would be achieved through a lot of people adding their private routers to the network.

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