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Is a coin that will bring crypto to the masses

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Ronald B. Sao - Founder

Catherine Oliver - Marketing and Investment

Deepak Kumar - Lead Developer

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Wi Coin
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BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 06:25

The idea is good,but we already live in a world where wifi is everywhere. From my experience you can find wifi almost everywhere on a 200 meters area, especially in a city like Vegas( example in video presentation). It is definitely not a revolutionary idea, but for the moment it is going to work. I am assuming they will provide their own wifi service, and not showing you a free wifi coffee shop, because there are already this kind of apps. It can work is some countries where you dont find wifi everywhere, but as I said in these days you can already find wifi almost wherever you go

Opinion#4528 august 2017, 14:05

The site's design is decent but not that good-looking. The team lacks enough experience, but that's not necessarily a drawback. But I'm not sure if the idea of this project is good enough, for sure it's not revolutionary. They want to provide a service/platform that will make it easy for you to find any open wi-fi spots in a place you don't know. Pretty useful thing, but I think it's a very basic app and there is no need for any special ICO funding for such little project.

Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 18:43

I'm not sure if I understood the concept, but is this project basically a wi-fi finder? They provide you with a map that has marked all the wi-fi spots in the city. It sounds ridiculous and not worth investing. And there are probably tons of such apps available for free.

The design is quite bad in that case. It doesn't give a professional look, so I can doubt about the quality of the final product. The team also is very small, and consists only of one developer which for sure can't do much alone and it will impact the quality.

themainman17 august 2017, 16:46

WiCoin is calling for initial coin offering to help develop a new cryptocurrency called wiC which is to be launch in october 2017. the project is being manage by group of programmers and digital marketers and Wicoin is already in partner with some cryptocurrency market forecasting platform and exchangers
Accepted modes of payment are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
No Minimum Contribution
Former investors will get a 5% bonus in the presale
ERC20 tokens compatible wallet is only accepted

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