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White Rabbit


White Rabbit allows you to reward the films and series you stream, on whatever peer-to-peer platform you choose to stream them from

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Alan R. Milligan - CEO & Partner

Adrian Hessel-Rütter - COO & Partner

Jonas Foyn Therkelsen - CTO

Jon Inge Buli - CFO & Partner

Jon Ramvi - Lead blockchain developer

Robin Pedersen - Blockchain developer

Gabriel Andrei - Developer

White Rabbit is an integrated non-intrusive browser plugin/application that ensures a seamless streaming experience for users. The plug-in recognizes the content being streamed and allows users to offer White Rabbit Tokens (WRT) to the content rights holder (CRH). If CRH accepts tokens, it allows for payments of content without hindering the streaming preference of the user.

If CRH accepts the tokens, they initiate a transaction for content. The CRH accepts the token by entering into a smart contract with White Rabbit. Thereafter, no further action is needed by the CRH to receive payment for future streams. The process is now automated.

After acceptance of tokens, the users may continue to stream the content while an original high quality version from the CRH is made available in the Rabbit Hole. The high quality version is available to the user at any time, as is the ability to use tokens for additional content, merchandise etc. The Rabbit Hole is the basis for users to access additional content from the film, interact with fans and filmmakers, merchandise and VR services.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

White Rabbit is a project in the area of digital content distribution, primarily films and serials. White Rabbit is an ecosystem in which all the participants in the creation, exchange and consumption of such content interact. During this interaction, content creators are rewarded directly from consumers. It is assumed that this will reduce the role of intermediaries and improve the process for all stakeholders. A huge number of projects tried to offer similiar solutions to this problem and so far no one has been enough successful. As an disadvantage may act the fact that White Rabbit do not even have any kind of prototype or demo version to showcase to potential investors. However, they provide very well-designed site with a detailed and high-quality White Paper. Moreover, it is worth noting the team of the project, which looks quite competent and has good amount of members.

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