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The Blockchain-Based Marketplace for Digital Content, starting with photos

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Smart contract blockchain




Tai Kaish - CEO & Co-Founder

Pavel Elkind - CTO & Co-Founder

Roy Meirom - VP Business Development & Co-Founder

Tomer Gabbai - Lead Front-End

Ohad Peled - Lead UX/UI

Shenhav Yehuda - Marketing Director

Wemark is a growing community of leading independent photographers licensing their photos directly to customers, with no agency involved. We’re a group of creators, marketers, designers and engineers, with a huge passion of transforming the way creators distribute their content and how they get paid for it. Our platform uses blockchain technology to allow real peer-to-peer transactions between creators and users - ensuring security, authenticity and most of all, transparency. Wemark is backed by leading global investors, and its advisory board includes some of the top names in stock photography, blockchain technology and online marketplaces.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

The idea of ​​the Wemark project is not unique, although it solves a really urgent problem. In fact, the distribution and protection of digital content is now monopolized by several large corporations, which allows them to set incredibly high commissions, without actually exerting any effort. This harms both the content creators who earn less, and ultimately to its consumers who receive content at higher prices. Wemark or another similar project can solve this problem and the blockchain technology and its features can significantly improve this market with no risk of a new monopoly. They enable creators to license their content directly to the customers while keeping all the rights and maintaining control over its price. Mutually agreed terms are then registered on the blockchain and become immutable. The team has decent size and consists of enough members and developers to deliver the promised platform. Many of them have more than 10 years of experience in their fields.

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