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Healthcare delivered

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Ildar Fazulyanov - Founder and CEO

Alex Prokhorov - Co-Founder

Dmitry Semenov - Development Team Lead

Matthew Lefferman - Clinical Director

Josh Fonger - Process Architect

Yetkin Timocin - Developer

We are creating WELL tokens to solve the world’s biggest healthcare issues surrounding cross-border payments, data accessibility and payment risk. We’re making it possible for the highest quality healthcare providers to serve anyone, anywhere.

Access to quality medical services is either very expensive or impossible, due to the geographical distance from a patient’s residence. High prices for medical services are a result of unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiencies of insurance companies and healthcare systems. High-class medical specialists can be located outside of a patient’s city or even outside their home country in many parts of the world.

WELL gives additional value to clients by using different mechanisms. Firstly, they have access to 24-hour healthcare service 365 days a year. WELL’s service is international due to its global network of doctors and specialists, many of whom are multilingual. This way, patients can receive medical support in their native language from leading doctors wherever they are in the world.

WELL's low-cost business model can generate a price reduction of approximately 30%. This means that WELL patients can receive advice from leading medical specialists for far less than the price of a personal appointment with a doctor.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

WELL is a fairly well-developed ICO project, which is nothing more than Uberisation of Healthcare or in other words the sharing economy in the sphere of health care. We did not accidentally say that the project is well-promoted - his team really made sure that about this ICO learned as many people as possible - publications on various ICO platforms, banner and context advertising (you probably could see it often), and many others ways of promotion. And it's good for future investors, because the project somehow could stand out among thousands of other ICO's. In terms of the product itself, everything is also quite optimistic - a demo version of the platform is available. The only serious drawback is the lack of confirmation of the application of blockchain in the platform code. However, we can assume that in case of successful attraction of money, this can be realized.

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