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Seeks to create a new distributed financial infrastructure

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Smart contract blockchain




Jack Lu - Founder

Zane Liang - Specializes in high performance computing, cryptographic algorithms and cryptographic security

Ying Zhang - CAO and CTO

Shi Liu - Specializing in elliptic curve cryptography

Demmon Zhao - Specializes in elliptic curve cryptography

Michael Y. - Core developer of Master Coin, Omni and Factom

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Wanchain wants to create architecture to connect various blockchains together, letting them benefit from each other's features. It is a distributed ledger that records cross-chain and intra-chain transactions. Among use cases and potential applications one can mention improved decentralized exchanges with multi-asset wallets, master all in one address or streamlined process to launch ICO and collect various types of funds conveniently. They want to add a feature of One Time Address, which allows for one transaction only and increases user's privacy and security. Any dApp built on Ethereum will be able to run on Wanchain without any need for changing or adjusting the code. Moreover, the applications can be enhanced and improved with Wanchain's APIs. The team is very big, with members having years of experience in their fields. The focus is put on engineers, developers and blockchain specialists.

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