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A financial platform for emerging markets

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Tricia Martinez - FOUNDER & CEO

Samer Saab - FOUNDER & CPO

Ross McEwan - CTO

Jonathan Smith - CO-FOUNDER

Miko Matsumura - FOUNDER


Wala is a FinTech company that has set out to solve this global problem by engaging users with a digital financial platform that provides all of the financial and transactional services a consumer needs. The Wala Financial Platform was spawned from an online community of over 1 million emerging market consumers who became members to improve their financial well-being and obtain free financial services. This community grew through an incentives and rewards program designed to improve financial behavior. Now, on the path to financial prosperity, the users are ready for the free financial services to be offered through the Wala Financial Platform.

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

At first glance, Wala is just another financial project that tries to create a bank utilizing Blockchain technology. Therefore, it is necessary to delve into the details in order to understand whether it offers something unique. It consists of 4 elements: Dala utility token, own Ecosystem, Dala token rewards model, Decentralized autonomous organization. As you can see, all the standard elements of such projects. The only significant difference is that they plan to concentrate on emerging markets. As to the whole project it can be said that preparations for the ICO have been carried out quite well, all significant points have been taken into account except for the distribution of the collected funds - there is no info how they will be used.

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