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A fair platform for musicians

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Smart contract blockchain




Ivan Rossetti - Co-founder

Isaac Rodriguez - Co-founder & Backend developer

Ying Hao Chen - Head of Marketing Campaing

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Voise is a decentalized music platform using Ethereum's blockchain technology that aims to give independent artists 100% of the revenue they generate. Music is hosted on a P2P network with voise and the music is shared from artists to users with no middleman. It has Voisium tokens (VSM) currently and plans to accept fiat currencies to make it easily usable to everyone. The team members are real people and have little experience so the team evaluation is neutral.

User Review

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392_204 may 2018, 12:10

The concept voise has of having a cryptocurrency for decentralized artist music sharing is not new but it has ambitious goals. The team according to me is great and the project doesn't seem to be a scam and everything depends on the success of its ICO so if I would consider investing in the project.

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