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Viva Network


Mortgage financing technology: connecting homebuyers directly with global investors.

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Christian Fiddick - Chief Architect

Nick Thomson - Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Erichsen - Chief Operating Officer

Paul Montero, ACCA - Chief Financial Officer

David Erichsen - Chief Technical Officer

Tarek Waked - Chief Strategy Officer

Wilson Carter - Chief Marketing Officer

Katherine Masters - Director of PR

Jeff Hooton - Full Stack Developer

Blake Carter - Director of Business Development

Alex Brown - Financial Manager

William Lewis - Director

Lincoln Kupke - Assistant Architect

Nikolai Paloni - Branding Expert

Kenneth Thomson - Real Estate Analyst

Cameron Smith - Digital Advertising Specialist

Dennis O’Connell - Advisor

Stephen W. Thomson - Advisor

Gilbert Darrell - Advisor

Kishan Sudusinghe - Advisor

Jesse Beohm - Advisor

Jeremy Swan - Advisor

James Anfossi - Advisor

Josh Hebb - Advisor

Stephen Mayor - Advisor

Todd Barclay - Advisor

David Lorek - Advisor

Viva is a transformative financial technology that introduces large-scale decentralized mortgage financing to the world. Viva’s platform will utilize smart contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly within a decentralized, trustless ecosystem. By leveraging ultra-secure blockchain transactions, Viva cuts out the middlemen, resulting in a lending process that is more profitable and efficient for all parties.

Viva enables a free market to determine the rate of interest on a borrower’s mortgage and removes the need for banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial systems, mortgage rates will more fairly and accurately reflect the level of risk associated with the asset’s true value.

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

The Viva project aims to make the process of obtaining mortgage loans easier, and make the loans themselves cheaper. For this purpose, it is planned to create an ecosystem like UBER for example, which will link borrowers and creditors in a convenient way. In general, this idea is not new and the competition in this market may be very tough. However, in Viva Network case, there is a narrow specialization in lending for the purchase of housing, rather than lending in general. This slightly reduces the need for an assessment of the borrower's creditworthiness. However, in this regard, there are some new difficulties associated with the evaluation of housing that the project will have to face. In addition, they also enable users to invest in private mortgages. The platform is designed quite well and clearly explain the main idea of the project. The team is big and has many experienced members with the focus on the real estate analysts and experts, as well as risk and insurance advisors.

User Review

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Wilson Carter10 april 2018, 00:21

Viva is going to change the world by giving financial power back to the people. Viva has a revolutionary idea and a strong dedicated team. By utilizing blockchain technology Viva will connect homebuyers with individual investors from anywhere in the world, regardless of national borderless.

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