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Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm

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Smart contract blockchain




Sergey Menshchikov - Project Leader Virtonomics

Sergey Morgalev - Technical Director

Mikhail Rakhaev - Game Design

Denis Zhuravkov - Game Designer, Community manager

Anton Fedotov - Design / UX

Virtonomics is one of the largest global multiuser business simulators with more than 2 million active users and 10 years of history which created its proprietary cryptocurrency, VICoin (VIC), and an ecosystem for earning the cryptocurrency in an online economic game emulating the formation and development of an alternative global virtual economy. The cryptocurrency is gained during the game in a realistic business simulation where users build and expand their virtual companies, trade and compete with each other, and develop the business ecosystem in the virtual economic environment. The resources and tools for generation and digging of the “fuel” are special game entities purchased for VIC tokens (such as virtual mines extracting natural resources, virtual mining farms, virtual power plants etc). The volumes of “fuel” production for Virts cryptocurrency depend on the success and competitive position of a player’s virtual business, and on the quality and amou nt of mining assets owned by the user. The user can convert each 100 Virts earned in the economic simulator into one VICoin (VIC) and spin it off the game to the outer market to earn real money.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

As to the product itself, it seems to be interesting and perspective. The idea of economic simulator may be useful in different fields of activity, like education, business trainings or just as an interesting MMO game. Another advantage of the project is the fact that it was created more than 10 years ago and already has about 2,000,000 active users. However, there are also some weaknesses. The project has a pretty small team compared to another ICOs.

User Review

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startbitcoin220 february 2018, 12:25

One of the strongest advantages of the project is the team that has been working with each other for many years. This in a positive way distinguishes Virtonomics from most of other projects.
You can play Virtonomics for free. To start earning you have to buy some VICoin.

Alex Samuelson20 february 2018, 09:08

Virtonomics has a great conception completely different from what we usually see from ICOs. It is a final product with a astonishing idea, creating an opportunity for plenty of people to get an interesting job and earn online!

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