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Vestarin platform is a marketplace for goods and services, platform for cryptonetworking

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Smart contract blockchain




Said Radzhabov - Chief Executive Officer

Jane Alieva - Business Development

Alex Strakh - Smart-Contract

Vlad Palamarchuk - Chief Technology Officer

Alina Bondar - Senior Back-End

Max Tishchenko - Back-End Developer

Yuriy Lysytsia - iOS Developer

David Potier - Chief Marketing Officer

The inspiration to change this industry for the better will come to everyone who reads the key idea up to the end and supports it. We already constitute a major community, which only needs to be united on a single platform with maximum capacities.
Attracting “early bird” users to Vestarin project, we will be able to create a vital platform for anyone, as its development depends mainly on the feedback from users. 

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Vestarin is a Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency. A simple idea, which has already been repeatedly proposed by a large number of companies. It may be difficult to enter the huge e-commerce market without offering a breakthrough solution. However, the ICO preparation was carried out at a good level with a well designed website, a large team and informative White Paper. They transparently provide details on product's development status when it comes to front-end, back-end or legal tasks. The demo of the app has been available since the early stage of the project. The team has decent amount of members with the focus on programmers. One of the most notable advantages is the fact that they have partnered with Tesla, which enabled their customers to buy the electric cars with VST tokens.

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