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Smart contract blockchain




Dmitry Nazarov - Founder

Alexander Dmitriev - CEO

Dmitry Rzhavin - Project Lead

Natalia Glagoleva - CMO

Dmitry Korshunov - Partner and Investor Relations

Egor Pereverzev - Head of Sales Department, China

Dmitry Livshin - CTO

Verifier is an innovative technology designed to verify identity, events, deals, and any other kind of data. We created a decentralized network of independent agents (DNV), the verifiers. Any individual may serve as a verifier after registering in our system and successfully passing all necessary examinations, such as specifically designed tests, background checks, etc.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Verifier seems to be using the blockchain potential and finds the way to apply this technology in our everyday lives. They want to create a service where one can verify anything; from product quality while buying online, to cars technical situation, real-life events, news and so on. The user submits the task and explains what he wants to get checked and an assigned validator that's nearby or able to go to the destination and act as a witness get appointed to this task. He then gets photos and detailed descriptions of the item or situation. It also opens up possibilities for new type of jobs or at least free-time gig, as one can earn some money by verifying these things for others. Verifier operates both through a mobile and desktop App and like Uber facilitates direct deals between clients and verifiers who provide the service. Any individual or company may serve as a verifier. Thanks to such platform, one can minimize potential risks and scam attempts, as in the online world we are buying and making deals with people from all over the world. The same goes with the amount of fake news or false reports that we come across as currently anybody can run Internet News site without any fact checks. The team is relatively small, however it consists of very experienced members skilled in finances and IT. The design of the site as well as the content of whitepapers and the rest of documentation is on a very high level. It is all designed very well and it's easy to understand project's concepts and technical aspects.

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