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A next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate Creators and benefit Viewers

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David Orman - CEO and Co-Founder

Scott Brown - Executive Management

Mark Ramberg - Executive Management

David Rowe - Co-Founder

Chris Gale - Co-Founder

Adam Simmons - Co-Founder

Verasity is a disruptive video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience spanning across the Media and Technology sectors, with previous leadership roles at companies including Eurosport, Sky, Joost, AOL, Turner and Guardian. 

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate Creators and benefit Viewers. The team behind Verasity have noticed the importance and size of online video market. It is set to account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021 and the market is worth $312 billion. However, the current revenue model with lots of intermediaries and companies taking their huge shares doesn't satisfy the creators. Moreover, user's data is being sold to advertisers without any profits for the viewers. Using blockchain technology, the platform facilitates direct and transparent value exchange between video viewers and content publishers or creators. As a Foundation, revenues are retained within the economy and for platform operating costs. Verasity puts the power back into the hands of the users and content providers, creating a better ecosystem for all. Advertisers can directly reward Viewers who choose to watch their adverts. While content creators can benefit from microtransactions and can even sell part of a portion of their channel’s future revenue in exchange for tokens to get needed funds for content development and accelerate growth. It's like an investment in the channel. The site is very well designed and provides all of the necessary information. It's worth noting that apart from regular whitepaper with all of the important information about the project, the team prepared also a yellow paper, which explores the technical side of the project, explaining the technology and solutions used to deliver the platform and discuss structures and methods for dealing with the ongoing operation, security and performance of the ecosystem. The team is quite extensive and consists most importantly of blockchain specialists and full stack developers. It may be hard for the project to compete against mainstream platforms like YouTube and there are also other ICO and blockchain based projects which try to explore this market, however Verasity seems to be prepared very well to succeed despite the tough competition.

User Review

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ICO Review24 june 2018, 18:30

Normally after reading about online video platform I'd say that there is no point in competing against such giants like YouTube or Facebook which were leading social media platforms and video distributing sites. However, with a great amount of dissatisfied content creators I can easily imagine a platform like Verasity to succeed. The current revenue model doesn't benefit creators nor users. Why big companies get paid for the data we, the viewers, are producing? We could easily get paid for what we provide to the advertisers, therefore Verasity idea is very good. The whitepapers and the site are well designed, the team also looks very good with many experienced developers.

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