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Ethereum based betting game

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4.1 out of 5

vDice is a project built on a fairly simple principle - a casino based on Ethereum. This allows you to make the process of betting and determining winners more transparent and fair. It is necessary to understand that similar projects, including those conducting ICO a lot. The source codes of the project are available on Etherscan, but there is still no working prototype. For a similar project that promises a certain functionality, it is important that players can assess how realistic the promises are in reality. In addition, it is assumed that participation with ETH will allow the platform to be used even by players from countries where the law does not allow this. However, there is no option for a case of simple blocking of access to the site in such countries.

User Review

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Gambler_198924 august 2017, 11:26

They allow you to bet without any account, you simply sent the ETH and if you win the game you get back your ETH and the won amount back to your wallet, I find this really great and convenient. It also grants you more anonymity and less possibility of being tracked, so you can play even if your country regulation doesn't allow you to. The design is pretty good, everything is easy to find. And at the moment of writing this post they have already paid out 15,157ETH meaning they seem like a reliable and paying site.

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