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Set to disrupt the digital magazine publishing business

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Nicholas Broadway - Founder - Project Leader

Edward Boarman - Financial Officer

Lee Freestone - Corporate Governance Officer

David Tyner - Technical – smartphone UI and integration

Jamie Smyt - Technical – Publishing platform

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Idle Island10 september 2017, 21:56

"uooMAG is set to disrupt the digital magazine publishing business" I'm not so sure if there is any big magazine business to be revolutionized. I mean, there are times now when everyone can have their own blog and post news and information, so there aren't any big newspapers ruling the world and there is no need to bring decentralization into everything. The site looks quite okay, nothing too interesting in terms of the design, there are some catchy phrases here are there to make the reader feel like bringing a personalized magazine is a new big thing, but it just isn't.

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