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Is combining cash with digital currencies

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Smart contract blockchain




Ageesen Sri - President

Brian Phan - Executive Officer

Arvind Borhade - Technology Officer

Kyle Kemper - Strategy Officer

Antoine De Vuyst - Blockchain Developer

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

U.CASH wants to help people "unbank", so that anyone with the access to the Internet can benefit from online transaction and financial services and they don't have to trust and rely on banks, which in some less developed countries may actually not be that good. U.CASH will combine and offer various services, with the focus on money exchanges, converters between digital cryptocurrencies and fiat money. They want to enable users to convert cash and crypto locally or online with the help of their distributed network of converters. The features of the platform are well explained in details on their site and in the whitepapers. The general design and media presence looks good. There is a chance for such project to succeed.

User Review

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Mials14 september 2017, 23:10

Perhaps the team has budget limited, they make an simple introductory video. I don't like the sound of video too. While I come across read the site, it was impressed me with its fresh idea and categories out project details. I found there is a lot of upcoming projects are good and could benefits for community, very practically. The team are smart enough as well that focusing build up good portfolio of ucash with IBO scheme. Well, I would expect this coin has great potential and might be boomed in next year. Anyway, invest at own risk, good luck!

TanyaDegurechaff14 september 2017, 16:38

First things first they should change the introductory video which I have watched. The sound hurts my ears and that makes it look unprofessional. Then let’s go to the ICO website as well. The layout is simple very easy to navigate, the color scheme is not attractive (it almost has the color of a famous torrent site) and it automatically adjust to my screen resolution which is nice.
The site’s features are good but not unique. It is almost like different ICO’s main ideas are combined into one. This is beneficial to users because they can do it without the hassle of using different service providers. And I am currently using an already working like this one but with fewer features. So I think if this ICO will deliver what they promised they will last.

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