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Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

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Smart contract blockchain




Michael Gord - Technical Advisor

Ismail Malik - Marketing Advisor

Arie Orlovsky - Advisor Israel

Artem Chestnov - CEO and Сo-founder

Daniel Biesuz - Head of Legal and Co-founder

Dan Gartman - CTO

Andrew Rippon - COO

Ubex is a worldwide autonomic advertising exchange that is built to simplify the communication between publishers and advertisers providing security while representing a blockchain as a mediator. The aim is to develop a stable, P2P platform where publishers can tokenize their creations and advertisers can increase the value of advertising campaigns to maximum. Ubex introduces their models as a model within which people pay for the results. Employing blockchains, Ubex will pay in accordance with each blockchain-verified task completed. It will provide advertisers with total control over their campaigns by presenting detailed reports and data analysis and import, detailed campaign information charts, and seen-through financial operation control performed via blockchain. It has developed a multi-level reputation service that estimates both advertisers and publishers. This information will be kept in the blockchain as the whole history of the members’ actions on the platform.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Ubex wants to bring Artificial Intelligence, neural networks and accumulated data into the Advertising industry. AI could select the most relevant advertising content at any given moment and show it to users potentially most interested in such product or service. Marketing managers could have access to a very extensive tool which would help them run their campaigns. They could benefit from features like detailed reports with data filtering, campaign statistics charts and most importantly transparent transaction control through blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, any unnecessary fees or intermediaries taking part in advertisement placements could be omitted, therefore making the service cheaper than its mainstream competition. The team behind the project is very wide, with more than 30 experienced people. All in all, they give a very professional vibe and a lot of attention is paid to project's details in whitepapers and on the site. There is a lot of useful information to learn about Ubex and the token. The design of the site and promotional material is also on a very high level.

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