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TrueBit gives Ethereum smart contracts a computational boost

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Jason Teutsch - Mathematician & Founder

Christian Reitwiessner - Whitepaper coauthor

Expert Review

3.2 out of 5

TrueBit. Well, when you look at their site, you can immediately draw conclusions. The complete lack of design as such. This is a very bad sign for investors, which in general is quite obvious and does not require an explanation. Against the backdrop of this, it's strange that they bothered and made up White Paper for as many as 50 pages, which is quite a lot for the average ICO. It even makes you think, suddenly this is really a worthwhile project with steep technology, which simply does not have enough funding so far to waste time on the design of the site. Even so, the likelihood that with this approach they will be able to attract a lot of investors during the ICO is very low.

User Review

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Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 22:56

Whoa, one click to their site and it's a big no-no for any investor or even user. They don't even have any design. There is little to no information. The description is basically a one sentence. They claim to somehow boost the ethereum transactions, but I doubt this project in that state will gain any support. The team however seems quite decent, and they probably know what they are talking about. What a pity, they execute this in such an ugly way and with basically no marketing or anything that would encourage user to get to know this project.

Phil.il15 august 2017, 19:57

They want to gather computing power in order to speed up others needs and to power up the ethereum smart contracts. This project combines and makes use of other small ideas. And like mindlessly puts everything into one basket without any persistence.

Every investor who would visit their website would immediately close it and not donate any cent to this project. The design is literally non existent. That's a bad sign. And they team actually doesn't even consist of any programmers.

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