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Tokenizing celebrities for funding rising stars

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Pavel Stukolov - CEO

Irina Shashkina - Marketing Director

Andrei Toukmanov - CTO

Anton Vdovin - Scouting Analyst

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

TokenStars aims to help raising sport stars fully develop to their high potential. They first want to focus on the tennis and football players, while in the future rest of the popular sports will join the program. They have noticed that young players are often limited due to high costs of operating a professional career. Without sponsorships they can't afford to participate in tournaments. TokenStars will find a young player, help him develop and sign first contracts, then they will help in promotion and building a fanbase, finally attracting big sponsors. They want to provide API for advertisers and digital agencies, Talent application screening system, with fraud protection or celebrities online store, merchandising, subscriptions, bookings.

User Review

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Swenna11 september 2017, 17:21

This project aims for a very noble cause, supporting young and developing athletes so they may further enhance their talents despite any restraints. However, as I browse through the site, it became quite clear to me that they accentuated the sports of tennis. With regards to the site, I think it would have been better if they organized its information in more formal way. It appears as though it was trying to bombard any site visitors with information rather than let them explore and learn it by themselves.

The Reviewer #10209 september 2017, 22:06

The site could look better. I feel very overwhelmed by it's design and the amount of most of the time useless information. It's hard to find anything useful and informative there and it's accompanies by too many moving pictures and graphs.

So they basically want to support young raising tennis players. Quite noble idea and it's always good to promote the youth, however it's quite bad that they focus only on tennis players. I'm not sure if this project is at any worth for an investor and will bring profit. It's more of a charity to help young players.

mariah.sadio09 september 2017, 17:52

This is a very nice way to help future and present athletes specially tennis players. This is not just helping future tennis players. This also updates tennis lovers about their idols and everything about tennis. I think this will really help a lot of people to make it convenient for them to search information about their idols and the sport. Nice site, very detail-oriented. Design is simple yet catchy.

Abhinav_thakur0109 september 2017, 16:14

A huge telegram group of 248 members determine the popularity of Tokenstars . At the time of review, today is the last day of pre-sale . 280 BTC has already been raised . There is one strong reason to support this from my point of view which is , this is a rare field where ICO s tend to begin for digital companies leading to a situation of a dominating company .


1. The choice of field to be tokenised is different .
2. It provides career to young starts by financial support making it more vital .
3. The payment mode includes both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) .

1. No cap for maximum purchase volume during pre-sale .
2. When it comes to use of tokens it uses DCV which expands as Decentralised Community Voting which is quite new to gain popularity .

Verdict :
There is huge possibility of massive recognition as they have tied with star players so it will definitely not disappoint investors .

Lyko Vergara09 september 2017, 15:02

What a nice idea to support aspiring athletes! This ICO help young athletes so that they would be successful in the near future. a very brilliant idea! Instead of joining the competition to be the next BTC they invest to young athlete. Then, when the athlete succeeds, they could return the favor by doing some advertisements for them.

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