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TokenStars TEAM


First celebrity management platform

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Pavel Stukolov - CEO

Tomoaki Sato - Blockchain Advisor

Evgeniy Potapov - CTO

Michael Zak - COO, Head of Celebrities ICO

Madina Hooke - Head of Sponsorships

Irina Shashkina - Marketing Director

TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction between stars, fans, and advertisers. Having successfully started with the ​​ACE ​t​oken sale ​f​or ​t​ennis ($4.9M+ raised as of the sale end date!), ​TokenStars has enhanced its team with top-notch experts and stars to launch the TEAM token: Lothar Matthäus, Valery Karpin (football), Tommy Haas, Robin Söderling, Cedric Pioline, Anastasia Myskina (tennis), Nikita Kucherov (hockey), Alexander Anter (poker) and Rico Torres (Hollywood) are among the famous celebrities supporting TokenStars.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

TokenStars has already successfully finished their ICO, which focused on promotion of tennis players. TokenStars generally wants to create a platform, where with the power of the blockchain technology and their tokens, all the fans could easily connect with the stars and favourite sport players. The same goes for potential sponsors and advertisers, that could set up the deals and pay the players directly within the platform. This cuts off any unnecessary intermediaries and also makes it easier for brands and sponsors to find rising stars and players worth supporting. TokenStars Team focuses on team sports and players of football, hockey, basketball, poker and others, but also on the entertainment industry and fields like movies and music. The project seems to be prepared very well, the design of the site is very well done and the information provided there is transparent and very detailed.

User Review

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Living the dream14 january 2018, 18:55

TokenStars TEAM main target is to connect young and promising talents, but also successful professional athletes in sports with their fans and advertisers. Moreover, the project does not limit itself only to the sports, as they want to promote also rising talents from entertainment industry. Therefore we will see many young and promising artists, actors and musicians. The platform will then act as an ultimate place for every talent to find the support and reach their fanbases. It's also worth noting that they managed to get support from many famous people that have become TokenStars ambasadors. Which includes Lothar Matthaus, Tommy Haas, Gianluca Zambrotta or Nikita Kucherov.

Richard S.14 january 2018, 18:47

I really like the idea of supporting young and talented players. In many sport fields it is hard to survive with all the costs of the equipment, tournament entrance fees and travel costs. Such platform can help these players find potential sponsors or maybe even get help from their fanbase. And who knows, maybe in the future, next big famous players that everyone knows and loves, will derive from this platform. It has a great potential and seems to be well developing. I like the design of the site very much.

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