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World’s first Quantum Secure Blockchain

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Smart contract blockchain




Prabhat Kumar - Developer, Founder & CEO

Vipin Verma - Co-Founder

Sanjay Kumar - Legal advisor

Prashant Singh - Business Relationships & Product Partnerships

Debajyoti Biswas - Software Engineer & community engagement

TIM is a 2 layer blockchain made of GPS powered 1-hop nodes over a novel blockchain. The blockchain works by a special PoB consensus mechanism. With an underlying sublayer of distributed DAGs(graphs), the global blockchain achieves high transaction rates. The graph layer pools 100 M transactions/s into blockchain with a kilobyte sized blocks. The nodes mine the consensus and perform transaction pooling by geo-mining protocol, using 1-hop directionality to search nearest neighbors and newer information(transactions). Thus the enablement cost of TIM network is zero, which means that no additional energy is burnt for security and decentralization is not compromised to achieve high performance.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

TIM wants to create ultimate solution for fast digital payments. They claim to be able to process up to 100 Million transactions per second, which sounds enormous compared to Ethereum's 15 tps. They can achieve this through DAG technology. It's worth noting that the project has pending patents for GPS and Quantum proofing technology. The utility can be found in various markets and sectors, as TIM can be used in finance, banking, logistics, ecommerce and other places that could benefit from large amount of very fast and cheap transactions. There is a WIP and alpha preview of the platform even since the early stages of the development which act as an advantage and can encourage potential investors. On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be many details about the actual technological solutions and details of how they are going to develop and deliver the promises. The team is quite small, however the members have good experience and skill sets.

User Review

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ICO Review03 july 2018, 10:21

There are many favourable factors for high demand of TIMs. Firstly, it is the only cryptocurrency with a real world use beyond storage and speculation. So, the market adoption for using TIM for smart contracts, exchange and storage will naturally gain traction. Secondly, the market based TIMs would be only supply for taxi services to operate on blockchain. As the TIM foundation would not release TIMs for first three years, ICO buyers stand a great chance to profit from projected demand. Thirdly, and most important, our trade and logistics applications on TIM blockchain would open-up the market for trade finance, remittance and other banking services.

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