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Tiberius Coin


Allows you to benefit from the multi-trillion tech industry

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Christoph Eibl - Chief Executive Officer

Philip R. Zimmermann - Chief Scientist and Security Officer

Rafael Torreblanca - Chief Marketing Officer

Giuseppe Rapallo - Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Cutler - Chief Technical Officer

Simon Rahme - Head Of Development

Darian Pizem - Chief Digital Officer

Thomas Gustinis - Chief B.Development Officer

Abbe Barnes - Digital Marketing Growth Officer

Nicholas Mcdowell - Developer

Tiberius has been a leading global commodities asset manager, mining operator, metal merchant and Commodities Technology (ComTech) investor based in Zug, Switzerland for over a decade

Tiberius’ asset management division is regulated and licensed by FINMA (Switzerland) and the SEC (USA)

The tiberius coin has intrinsic value because it’s backed by physically deliverable metals. We are creating a more secure and decentralized asset to help protect your wealth

A cryptocurrency backed by physical commodities is a natural extension of our existing business and builds on our core competencies

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Tiberius Coin
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