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Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Eugene Lopin - CEO, Product Manager

Danny Floyd - Chief Experience Officer

Jacob Floyd - Chief Technology Officer

Eddie Miller - Chief Sales Officer

Commodity & Holdings Exchange (CHEX) is modular marketplace software with world-class user experience to power supply chain distribution and asset exchange platforms in collaboration with Industry Ambassadors. Developed and successfully launched first in the B2B Cannabis industry via the fully compliant Cannabis Hemp Exchange (CHEX) platform. 

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Cannabis market is relatively young and in fact projects like this are significantly developing it. Cannabis is still illegal in many countries and the products based on it are rather socially condemned. But as it's rapidly changing, with more and more places making it legal to use it fully, with others only for medical usage, we can see a trend that can put Chex on very comfortable position in next years when it becomes even more popular to use Cannabis Hemp products. They not only want to create a marketplace for companies to list and sell there their products with the focus on the Cannabis industry, but also a whole general exchange of information, assets, or even art and music and digital goods like game keys or even cryptocurrencies. The Chex developers really focus on making it everything in legal way and with the success of their platform, they may contribute significantly to the popularization of Cannabis products. Site's design is very neat and informative. They provide both technical and legal information.

User Review

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420 blaze it06 october 2017, 10:45

Well the fact that it's a marketplace powered by blockchain is already very nice step in the development of technology. I think there is no other big scale platform that focuses on Canabis products. They are already working with few companies that will list their products there, and with the further development and offical launch of site, there will be most likely more and more companies. As canabis is only slowly becoming popular about mainstream users and it's no longer victimized and considered only to be a drug like it used to be. I think a fresh company on such young market can make a significant business and influence.

99degrees06 october 2017, 10:41

They aim to create a rather brave marketplace or an exchange place of Cannabis Hemp goods. This may be perceived as something tricky for people from countries where most of marijuana derived products are banned, but if they manage to do everything legally, with the popularization of this plant and even scientists believing more and more in it's medical properties, they may become very popular platform.

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