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Swarm Fund


Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets

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Philipp Pieper - Portfolio Manager

Timo Lehes - Investor

Joel Dietz - Crypto Veteran

Jelle Herold - Godfather of Smart Contracts

Anton Livaja - Full Stack Developer

Sebastian Romero - Crypto UI/UX Expert

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community. Our vision is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in the value creation within the crypto asset category and to capture opportunity in new types of asset-backed tokens.

Swarm Fund is creating a unique market infrastructure model that enables you to invest crypto assets into real assets, and deploy traditional capital into real markets in a new way. With Swarm’s infrastructure investors can create and operate asset-backed tokens and participate in composite of wealth creation.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Swarm Fund wants to explore the investment market and provide blockchain solutions for private equity. The blockchain allows to combine numerous small investments into a larger ones, which can yield bigger profits. Swarm allows for various real objects to be tokenized thanks to the SRC20 protocol, which is an extension of known ERC-20. It describes real world assets and their properties like location, purpose, legal rights and obligations, and transfer restrictions. They then become easily tradeable “assets” that can be managed and governed more effectively. The main advantage of such solution is that the token holder owns the asset and there is no need for any intermediaries or middlemen which would take fees and lower the final profit. The project partners with multi-cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx or Wings DAO platform just to name a few. The team is very broad and consists of many experienced and skilled members.

User Review

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Lind7a28 june 2018, 20:34

I participated in this project.
Since the creation of the project it was clear that the project will raise a lot of money.
Ratings on the sites spoke about the success of the project:
Our rating 7.9
ICOrating 2.7 / 5
ICObench 4.7 / 5
TrackICO 4.6 / 5
ICOholder 3.9 / 5

The project collected less funds than stated.
But I think this amount will be enough to complete the work.
I want to say thank you to Adam Apollo. For help in investing)

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