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Swarm Fund


Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets

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Smart contract blockchain




Philipp Pieper - Portfolio Manager

Timo Lehes - Investor

Joel Dietz - Crypto Veteran

Jelle Herold - Godfather of Smart Contracts

Anton Livaja - Full Stack Developer

Sebastian Romero - Crypto UI/UX Expert

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace platform built on blockchain technology that is entirely owned by the community. Our vision is to allow anyone, anywhere in the world, to participate in the value creation within the crypto asset category and to capture opportunity in new types of asset-backed tokens.

Swarm Fund is creating a unique market infrastructure model that enables you to invest crypto assets into real assets, and deploy traditional capital into real markets in a new way. With Swarm’s infrastructure investors can create and operate asset-backed tokens and participate in composite of wealth creation.

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Swarm Fund
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