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A customized Payment Solution for the Education, Personal and Professional Development Industries

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Ryan Scott - Founder and CEO

Cat Song, Esq. - Chief Investment Officer

Mark Lynd - Managing Partner at Relevant Track

Richard Tan Poh Choon - Founder & Chairman

Michael Burnett - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Chew - Founder & General Manager

Dr Patrick Liew - Founder & Adviser

Education is a top priority for governments, corporations, institutions and individuals worldwide. However, the trend is shifting towards on-demand, digitized content delivery. SuccessLife Global aims to create a customized payment solution to serve the educational, personal and professional development industries.

We intend to develop a marketplace of curated, aggregated, relevant content driven by A.I. and machine learning accessible on-demand, anywhere as well as create an ecosystem to drive demand for and adoption of the token.

A Customized Payment Solution for the Educational, Personal and Professional Development Industries.

In partnership with its founding organization, Success Resources, with 25 years in the business and 10 million live event participants, SuccessLife Token will be part of a new digital economy in these industries.

SuccessLife Tokens will launch with an active international customer base in excess of 6 million persons who have a common interest and pre-existing relationship with an established and respected brand.

Expert Review

3.6 out of 5

Successlife offers the creation of an ecosystem in the field of education and personal development, which will allow its participants to pay for these services. Hard to tell, if there is a real need in such a project. If it is a means of payment, it is always more convenient to use more common ones, such as for example Ethereum. If we are talking about a platform that will provide some kind of additional service for the participants, then maybe this makes sense. So far, judging by the description, it's more like the first option, where everything revolves around a token, which in itself does not represent anything special. It is also planned to build a platform on which educational materials will be placed and, accordingly, such digital content will be distributed. There are other projects which try to provide such thing, therefore the competition may be tough. The team listed on the site is very extensive and consists of many experienced members, however there doesn't seem to be any developers or blockchain specialists to deliver the sole technology.

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